Arthroscopy ops

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by brettarider, Nov 1, 2011.

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  1. Booked in for the 17th to have this done got a small tear in my right knee's cartilage and wondering if anyone else has had it done and was it successful/how long till you were back to normal afterwards?
  2. I had an op for a torn meniscus a couple of years ago.

    Had the op on the Tuesday, was hobbling out with the hounds on the following Saturday - somewhat to the surgeons surprise. I regretted the op for the first week or so, but two weeks it was more or less all OK and has been ever since.

    I'm pleased I had it.
  3. Had it done in 2008. Bit of a rush job by the surgeon who says he was short on time (really what I want to hear whilst prepping for theatre). Walking properly in about 2 weeks, running in about 6. Successful if you pay attention to the rehabilitation. Don't do what I did and kneel on it the following morning by mistake as I jumped through the roof with pain. Make sure you get crutches for the 1st week as I didn't and it was a bitch to walk on. As I'm sure you've been told it's a very simple op. Still gets s bit stiff in the cold and when I tab though.

    Good luck.
  4. Had it myself and I would say go for it. Its such a minor Op that you don't really have anything to lose by having it done
  5. I've recently had both knees replaced due to osteo-arthritis. Prior to that I had 3 arthroscopies. Doddle. Was off work for a week. (Driving)
  6. Had both done in the past, last time in for 5 days, back to work in two weeks, back driving in 4 weeks, went climbing in the Swiss Alps 3 months later.
  7. Had the operation in February and deployed to Iraq in the May!

    I was on crutches for maybe a week or two after it but that was about it.
  8. I tore my right knee cartilage in half, a week before demob - thought it was just a sprain, so just rested it and laid off the exercise for a couple of months, before getting it looked at
    Had the op in 2008 - took about 6wks recovery before I was walking properly & driving again

    Still not right 3yrs later, although obviously better than before the op
    Probably partly my fault as consultant told me not to do any running ever again, however, I do still go out for a gentle 4mls jog most days to keep fit (although sometimes it does feel like it's jarring bone against bone, until you get through the pain barrier!)

    I spent the first 6mths following all the physio advice then eased myself back into exercise gently with cycling as recommended by the doc (unfortunately, having 'run' regularly for 25yrs, I found cycling boring and time consuming in comparison, so reverted to jogging)
    The only other exercise recommended by the consultant was swimming - although not the breast stroke (the only bl**dy stroke I can do properly!!)

    It seems to depend on how bad the tear is, & how much they remove, as to how successful the op is - some people seem to have better results/quicker recovery than others

    Good luck with it!!
  9. I got a "bucket-handle" tear on my right miniscus in May 93 through playing football. Despite being in bloody agony and reporting it umpteen times to the MO they still only gave me tubagrips and Brufen. One fateful day in July 93 I went to change the porn video in my thrap-chamber and as I squatted down what can only be described as a searing bolt of pain shot through me and caused me to pass out. When I came to my TV was on the deck and all my videos scattered all over the place. Thats when I knew things were a wee bit more serious than they'd first told me.

    I was eventually operated on and told that the life expectancy was 10-12 years before I'd need tidy up surgery. This I duly received in 2005 but now I am plagued by locking,swelling and, most annoying, extreme heat in my knee only 6 years down the line.

    Ive been told that its unlikely I'll get more surgery and that I am more liable to get athritis in my knee. Great. Who do I claim from? :)
  10. you lucky twat
    i'm on the waiting list for a double tear on my left knee
    every time i ring up i get told "six months" *****!
  11. Find out which hospital in your region has the shortest waiting times and get referred there through Choose and Book. Ask awkward questions about the 18 week care pathway
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  12. Had arthroscopy on my shoulder in October last year after a year of "it'll sort itself out", unsuccessful steroid injections, 3 month wait to see consultant, etc. The operation made no difference. Started to see an improvement after being treated by second physio (first said to work it lots and hard, second said not to do anything that causes pain) but current workload is starting to throw the improvements out of the window.

    I had two options - general anaesthetic and stay in hospital overnight or local anaesthetic and go home an hour after the op. I fell for the blurb about the local anaesthetic (you can watch tv, a video or listen to music while you're being operated on, you won't feel a thing, etc. Lying bastards. The anaesthetic didn't work, so I had a second dose - this with a blunt needle poked right into the joint, nudging bits of bone on the way. The second dose didn't work particularly well either, but by this stage I decided that the pain of the op would probably be less than the injection (and no, I'm not kidding).

    Wheeled into the operating theatre and there's no tv, video or music. But there is a screen 6" from my nose relaying the view through the arthroscope.

    The pain of the operation was bearable - until the surgeon had finished and started manipulating my shoulder. Transported to the ward and told that I'd be given some painkillers for when the anaesthetic wore off. The bloody stuff hadn't wore on, FFS. Waited 3 hours before I got bored (nothing to eat or drink, I'd just missed lunch and it was 15 hours since I last drank something) and asked if I could go home now. The nurses had forgotten about me - probably because I was the only one on the ward who'd elected for the local anaesthetic, the rest of the operatees were happily asleep and could be ignored. Waited another hour for the consultant (or was it the registrar) to give the go ahead for the discharge. Didn't even look at me - "It's been an hour since the operation? OK, he can go."

    I had to remind the nurse that I was supposed to be given some painkillers. I was expecting more of the stuff that I'd been on before the op but no, two ******* paracetamol. I was in agony for two days, couldn't bear my arm to be touched or moved.

    Now that your mind's at rest, have a nice op.
  13. Was offered one many years ago to investigate a knee problem. The doc, an Australian exchange Specialist in Aviation Medicine, gave me some interesting stats from his part of the World to help me mull-over the offer. No-one's been near my knees with a scalpel, nor are they likely to, thank-you.

    Best of luck, brettarider.
  14. over here in wales we're not as grown up as that!

    i'm having discussions over whether our national 26week target is from the initial consultation with the GP..
    or from the MRI appointment..
    or from referal from GP once they'd seen the bloody MRI result

    if i fall down the stairs one more time because it locks on me i'll be well pissed off
  15. The wait time should be from the date the initial referral from the GP is received in the hospital, but there's all sorts of little tricks they can use to "stop the clock". Write letters to your consultant threatening to speak with your MP, that seems to work in our place!