arthroscopic surgery

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Rockhopperst4, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. I'm having fairly serious pains in my knees (especially the right one) after doing part 1c a few weeks ago (running with weight) and also quite a bit of distance running in the last two years. I've always had slightly iffy knees but 2000mg of glucosamine every day for the past three years has kept them usable.
    But now its got to the stage over the past few days where i'm struggling to walk and ibupofofen only helps for a few hours at a time. It'll be okay in a few days but if i run again it'll be painful for several days afterwards. There is no way i can do squats or things like that.

    I'm off to my GP on monday but i suspect that arthroscopic surgery will be needed. Anyone have any idea what waiting times are like for surgery?
  2. Had two arthroscopes on left knee did the first did some good the seconed did nothing was eventually referred to Aldershot Physio Dept where they found out it was a damaged muscle 'VMO I think' (knees were in constant pain, gave way when walking etc) by my knee pulling my knee cap over to one side

    4 weeks intensive physio there and a program for afterwoods and no more problems

    My first arthroscopy was done a month after being referred 'in Germany'

    Seconed one was nearly 2 years between the MOD and NHS
  3. Can't speak from waiting times

    I had one done around April last. You'll need psyhio afterwards for a few months. It can be very painful. My advice (listen to doctors but this is probably what you'll hear):

    Take Nurofen Plus as required to take the edge off the pain
    Put the leg up
    Keep the bandage on for a bit longer than the doctor/nurse says
    If it gets sore/stiff ice it
    Don't drive for a couple of days after (you aren't insured to drive (in Ireland at least) for 24 hours after)
    A little bleeding is normal
    Get yourself mobile as quickly as possible (the next day)
    You are likely to be on crutches for at least a couple of days
    Go to the psyhio
    Keep a diary of the pain so it easier to describe to the doctor/psychio

  4. Did you people do it through the Army of via your own GP? I'm just wondering which might be the best way to tackle it. I'm TA but i only fininshed CMSR a couple of weeks ago.
  5. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Currently at home on sick leave after surgery, again, on my knee.

    My injury has prevented me going to sea and that's pushed me up the list on to the Fast Track scheme - surgery within 6 weeks of referral.
    If you get the Fast track Service you go via the Regional Rehab unit - different units have different names but for us Navy lot it is MIAC in Plymouth or Portsmouth. You can get refered without surgery and they may be able to fix it all by physio.

    You get allocated a Physio and then should get a RPTI - these are PTI who do a long course - and they give you a Individual Programme of fitness. These are small controlled exercises designed to build up your muscles and then are part of the rehab after surgery.

    For those with serious injury, like me, they end up doing leg/back/arms classes - these are 3 week packages of pure rehab 0800 till 1600 all week and are intensive. They start at basics, in my case I had to learn to walk properly again, and then develop a series of exercise you can carry on.

    Thats how the RN/RM work it, I don't think the army are different as my old course had a few Pongos.

    Over all I have had both knees done and no complaints. MRI, Physio and surgery within 3 months for complaining. That allowed exercise to relive pain etc, no joy and then MRI and then surgery and two week off. Only the physio and rehab classes to go.
  6. UK = MOD referal to local NHS = up to 2 years for the op.

    Germany = MOD referal to designated German Hospital = op usual in 4 to 6 weeks.

    Why the MOD dont send all thier injured bodies to germany is a bloody disgrace.
  7. Oh do behave! There are many many reasons why we don't send all our injured troops to Germany. If you can't work them out for yourself then you are dafter than an old goat ;-)
  8. True.
    I was actually working for the military in Germany during the setup of the new system.
    All senior officers wanted this option. The decision to close the mil hosp was signed.
    The NHS was furious about the suggestion.

    Oh happy days.
  9. This is strange. On Saturday i could hardly walk but i needed to go into town. I set of and within about fifty yards i found i could walk normally and its been fine up till this morning when its started to feel a little iffy.

    Doctors tomorrow with any luck.
  10. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Your wrong about the time scale. If you are required in essential post etc then you get Fast Tracked, surgery within 6 weeks. I should know as my surgery was under this scheme and going well.
  11. ask your doctor about choose and book! Pick the ortho surgeon with the shortest waiting times.
  12. Some keep problems come on if you are moving too much or sitting down too much.

    Don't do too much!
  13. HOLY SHIT!!!!!

    You do realise you are also taking in a possibly detrimental amount of Sodium and Potassium each day,unless the glucosamine you are taking is Cozichew Meltdown or the POM version?Up tp 30% w/v is Sodium and potssium salts!!!
  14. 2000mg a day is what is recomended by various people, including quite a few on here. Do a bit of a search and you'll find quit a bit of discussion about it.

    See here as welll which mentions 1500mg a day.