Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by ancient, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. Gents, any help, sympathy or advice on the following will be greatly appreciated.

    For the last four months I've been getting serios pain and a lack of rotation in both shoulder joints. The Pysio and the Doc say Arthritis plus Bone Spears plus Rotator Cuff injury, and I've been sent for Xrays but I'm still waiting for results.

    The NHS website says there is no cure, but my father (73) has an arthritic spine and ,living in France ,has been on some kind of drug that has taken away all the pain and stiffness for him. I don't like to ask him again what drug it is as his mind is going and he keeps forgetting what I asked him by the time he gets to the bathroom.
    I suspect that others in this forum may be afflicted by Arthritis ( it bloody hurts doesn't it? )
    Anyone out there got any advice, anything I can take while I wait for the medical results to come through?

    Many Thanks.
  2. Not sure if this works for the shoulder area but i had a procedure on my arthritic ankle called a cheilectomy which basically removed boney spurs on the joint and gave me a bit more movement - i'm also prescribed co codamol and Naproxen which can be taken together - co codamol nulls the pain and the Naproxen reduces inflamation - I also take concentrated cherry juice which you get from Holland and Barrett mixed with water which is a good anti oxidant --- the combination of these things helps greatly.
  3. RCI can't be confirmed on plain xray, although it can be 'suggested'! Push for ultrasound or MRI if soft tissue injury is suspected.

    Glucosamine sulphate with chondroitin seems to be widely used to increase the amount and quality of the fluid in the joints.
  4. I feel your pain. I'm afflicted with psoriatic arthritis (without the psoriasis)

    It gets a few joints but mainly fucks my tendons

    co-codamol and naproxin every ******* day. tried me on one of the anti arthritis drugs and I ended up in hospital for 5 days (sulphasalizine?)

    i cope by swapping the pain of arthritis for good gym pain, eat good un processed food swim every morning and try and ******* ignore it

    I'm 2.5 stone down and in the best shape of my life which also swaps out the negative of the constant pain for positive body vibes and endorphins

    chronic pain is ******* depressing, sort the pain with meds and be positive, stay fit, if you can't use something do anither form of exercise, its all good, don't let it drag you down
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  5. walkyrie

    walkyrie Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Sounds like an identical prognosis to what my Dad had. Don't suppose you used to play rugby?

    He did eventually have an operation which sorted it - along similar lines to JoeyDeacon's.

    As has been mentioned, supplements and painkillers. However he did do some Occupational Therapy type stuff - little changes in his routine to stop him aggrevating the issue e.g. driving an automatic, changing his desk layout etc.

    He also had a pulley thingy (see below) - basically you use the weight of one arm to lift the other. Helped him keep it mobile before the operration, and really helped his recovery afterwards.

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  6. Unlikely to have Rotator Cuff in both shoulders at the same time,have had both RCI,and 'Arthur'.

    I found with RCI,when I was sleeping,it didn't matter what I did,it just ached all the time,whereas with arthritis,you can actually get into a comfortable position,and aleviate the pain.

    I had micro surgery on the shoulder,fantastic,also on my second hip replacement,so no more pain,and yes both are extremely painful,and I found plain aspirin worked for me,along with a TENS unit I bought in Boots.

    Hope it gets fixed soon!

    Forgot to say,try to avoid anything acidic,oranges,limes,lemons,grapefruit etc,including the juices. :thumright:
  7. The drug your dad is on could be methotrexate, don't even CONTEMPLATE taking it without medical supervision as it can have evil side effects
  8. What, with frickin lasers?

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  9. No it must be Glucosamine hydrochloride as the sulphate is poorly absorbed. Takes some months to have an effect.
  10. Agree with gimp, take as much excersize as you can, eat good food, for me, a daily dose of strong garlic and cod liver oil or omega fish capsules and low dose asperin for long term, with over the counter ibuprofen (cheaper than prescription) when required. but keep the shoulders moving even through the pain. best of luck
  11. jointace from maximuscle can have a positive effect on the pain levels but its not cheap,
    like most others i get naproxin and co-codamol there great for keeping you high and able to ignore most of hte pain, activity levels and a good diet also help but beware the dodgy depressive effects, for bad sleep things like amytriptalyne, theres other options as well in the pain relieve world and depending on what sort of arthritus DMARDS might be the way ahead, but they have some nasty side effects and very restrictive dietry conditions attached (well most of the licenced ones do) the problem wiht things like voltarol/naproxin etc are stomach problems from prolonged use or exacerbating other existing conditions like asthma or causing things like ulcers in the digestive system.

    your best off getting a proper diagnosis (for this mri and or arthoscapy might be needed) off a specialist before jumping into the how best to treat route though, often they will refer you to a pain managment specialist and the exact medication requirements can be sorted to give you a long and relativly pain free life.

    personally i opted for daily pills and pills to combat pills route than dmards due to the restrictions they would of forced on my quality of life, a decission i might soon be reversing, dont forget though a lot of the drugs work in a cumulative effect so stopping taking htem on a good week will mean they dont work so well on a bad week....

    forgot ot mention if you pay for scripts get a prepayment card through the nhs prepayment website if your getting mroe than 2 items a month it works aout a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for each script item
  12. Thankyou Gentlemen, I've just had a call to go and see the Doc again on Monday. Rotator cuff problems on both shoulders at the same time seems unlikely I agree. Bone spurs is what I'm hoping for ,with a bit of luck they can just get in there and lop them off. I've always kept myself in pretty good condition, part of the frustration is the pain that comes with trying to run. Each jolt of the shoulder hurts. Sudden movement such as jerking the hand away from a hot saucepan handle last night , creates such intense pain that I almost threw up!

    I will certainly take all your advice on board. Getting older gets right on your tits doesn't it!

    Thanks again. Any other comments appreciated.
  13. dunno about the rest of them but if i progress past 40 i'll let you know, mind it is a good ways off yet by which i mean more than 5 years away
  14. The problems that come with extended pain relief, some of which you mention above, can even be life-threatening if you are not made aware of them in advance. Depression caused by pain alone can soon make someone irrational, introspect and depressive. I suppose pain is like gravity in some respects. It has to be imagined, it is given life in the brain. But it can be so strong it can hold whole planets against their will.

    The game is, to find a balance between pain relief and clarity of mind.

    Relaxation techniques, as taught at the pain clinics, can help a sizeable amount with a little effort and discipline; And once one has accepted that there never will be a 'No Pain' state again, one can get on and cope with the hand one has been dealt.
    Your mention of drugs' cumulative effects is also of note. Medicating only when you 'have to' will result in a see-saw ride of intense pain followed by overdosing and the effects that causes, and back to the pain again and so on.
    I use fentanyl patches that last for three days at a time, along with Lyrica and Duluxatine that are supposed to target neuropathic pain. Paracetamol to synergise with the patches, and a liquid laxative to counter the 'opiate poo. '

    My general advice to anyone suffering chronic pain is that having a pain team/nurse will be essential to your quality of life. Ask for a referral as soon as you can. Your average GP really has no training to help him/her understand chronic pain at all.

    Or move to Wales, where it's free. :)
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