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It is not often that I support a chain e-mail, but in this case I think it is worth the effert to raise public awarness.

I do not apologise if this has been posted elsewhere on the site as I could not find it, If you have not yet signed, please consider to do so:

Artfund Direct Link

Hi all,

Sorry for the blanket E-mail but I am sending this to ask for your

support. For those of you who don't know I had a very good friend, Mark

Mclaren, who was killed whilst serving in Iraq on 15 Apr 07. Kerry, his wife

has given her support to the project. Despite your own thoughts I'm asking

if you will add your own name to the list of supporters to make this happen,

it only takes 2 mins. Kerry has asked if I can pass this onto everybody who

I think will give their own support to this as a fitting tribute to Mark and

more importantly for his twin boys Joshua and Alex so that they have

something to remember their dad by when they are older. The twins never knew

their dad before he was killed as they were only 9 months old, so anything

that shows his sacrifice was in any way appreciated would be very greatly

appreciated by Kerry.

I wont try and explain the project just follow the link.



p.s. Please feel free to forward this to anybody you know.
Also please re-post on other forums you may visit
Because you're still trying to sell it to the same people, you loon.

The sentiment is a noble one, but have you actually read the link to Current Affairs, provided above, to see WHY people think it's not a good idea?
Sorry you feel that way. Yes I have read the other thread after oldbaldy provided a link, as I had missed it. However only a very small number of ARRSE members responded to the last thread.

Some I know did sign without making a comment. All I ask is that everyone who reads this, at least goes and have a look at the site, and do what they wish.

Never mind what others may think - Read it for yourself - Then Decide

I feel that any project that raises public awareness in the Armed Forces and the number of troops killed or injured is a good thing to my mind.

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