Artefact belonging to double VC winner

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Japster, Nov 18, 2007.

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  1. My unit has in its posession the sword belonging to Capt Noel Chavasse VC and bar MC. It was bought by him in 1917 for his forthcoming wedding. Unfortunatly he was killed in the act of winning his second VC before he was married, quite a sad and poingient (?) story. We have it secured in the unit but we think it should be on secure display.

    My Question is; How can I find out how much it is worth? For insurance reasons of course! It looks as if it is a standard George V dress sword but it has been engraved with his details susequent to the award of his second VC

    Anybody any ideas?
  2. its only worth what some ones willing to pay for it..
    best bet is a quote from a military auction house..
    its provinence to the double vc is what will bump up the price..
    but i suspect it wont be as much as you are prob hoping for..
    normal officers swords arnt that dear...
    should be in a locked glass case in rhq.. not the officers mess or they will be useing it to open champagne.
  3. Id disagree/agree with Pup, i would certainly contact one of the MAJOR auction houses, certainly Bosleys i think are more military minded. However its certainly worth a lot more than an ordinary sword, especially with provenance.

    Id also have it locked away full stop, unless your able to guarentee its safety.
  4. Don't military messes have a minimum amount of insurance cover anyway? Certainly, get in touch with a historian and a top auctioneer to get it valued for insurance. If you want to put it on display, but cannot afford it the required security, what about putting it on loan for display at the National Army Museum?
  5. It still belongs to the Chavasse family, they want it to stay in the unit. I`ll try and get a few pics on tomorrow.
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Have you thought of contacting The Antiques Roadshow, and asking them if they are interested in having it on the Programme?

    Advance contact would preclude the tremdous queues, and ensure a more accurate valuation. It would also be a point of interest for your unit.

    A number of museums, and a couple of Messes have taken this route, as it is a free val. Most auction houses will charge you if there is no sniff of a sale.
  7. Here`s a few pics I took today
    Silver book says £1600, I think thats far to low, but I stand to be corrected!

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  8. is this in the highlanders..
  9. Some more, sorry about the double pic!!

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  10. last but one

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  11. nice piece..
  12. lPortrait in Officers Mess

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  13. Might i suggest you get intouch with the Liverpool Scottish Regimental Association.

    Their cap badge is all but extinct and this could be a boost for the old and bold.
  14. should be mounted next to his portrait,, and put in bhq fror the young jocks to see..