Arte Et Marte

The Craftsman

Monty said way back then, for his force to be,
Men of skill and resourcefulness, was what he had to see.
Tenacious troops he called upon, men with grit and trade,
To fix his tanks when they went wrong, a mammoth task he made.
When he called, along they came, with spanners in their hands,
To the western front, in the thick of it, to far and distant lands.
Keeping battles moving on, repairing tank and gun,
Making good the final plan, which finally beat the Hun.
After that a Corps they formed from all who seen the war,
Defining roles, trades and jobs, to make a purpose for,
These important men with their tools, to keep equipment going,
Maintaining the punch and ferocity to stop the force from slowing.
That was then, those days have passed, thanks to father time,
Different tasks we take on now, different hills we need to climb,
But upon the world the horse in chains with lightning at his rear,
Stands there solid a new symbol of those times that we hold dear.
Within our team, within our Corps, within the women and men,
A pride in what we have to do, a pride that we had then.
Our skill and fight our motto says to keep the bad at bay,
Doing things how it’s always been, doing things the REME way.

Err, your point being?..
Hell the only scrapping we do is the traditional christmas punchup in the bar. :)
Can't be, they're too busy hassling craftys over tv licenses.
sickers123 said:
definately a tiffy thing. you must need to recite it to pass the course.
Ah, do you actually have to remember it or can it be read from the "cheat sheet"?
I didn't fcucking read it.

Is that all Tiffy's can put out these days?


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Ahhhhhh, now I see why I didn't get top student,(in a class of 1), the only thing I recited was "GIS ANOTHER BEER TONY" :D
Fixed for you as you forgot a bit! Free as an early Christmas pressure!
Christ, he'll see the title and think yet another thread having a go at him!
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