Arte et Marte

Hello all, I'm an ex REME VM, and after retiring as a Sergeant, I'm dabbling in book writing. We hear so many stories of heroic front line soldiers and how they are affected by PTSD etc. But we never hear about the soldiers in the "background" (clerks, medics, drivers etc.)
I have just finished writing my second book and in the process of writing my third, with a few more in mind. The stories are about an ex REME soldier who is forced out of the army, thanks to his cheating wife. And while he is struggling to settle into civilian life, his life is thrown further into turmoil. As well as himself, his family, friends and business are in jeopardy, and he fights for what he believes in.
Both books are available on Amazon in paperback form and Kindle format.
Book 1 - "Arte Et Marte - By Skill and By Fighting".
Book 2 - "Arte Et Marte - Nothing But The Truth." arte et marte

Follow the link above for more information, and if you need anymore, just drop me a line.
If you were an A Mech I might read them but if you were a B Mech its bound to be a fluffy heart warming love story full of Squatting.....will take a gander.

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