ARTD Staff Leadership School: DTTT Course info please.

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by walk-on-the-wild-side, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. I am aware that a (Defence Instructional Techniques (DIT) course is a prerequisite for Part B (Instructor Development) of the Defence Train The Trainer (DTTT) course down at the ASLS in sunny Deepcut, however, can anyone tell me if the old Basic Instuctional Techniques (BIT) course is still acceptable currency?

    I know that they will accept CG 7302 or Post Graduate of Education (PGCE) surely my BIT (Grade 1) will do?

    Is a BIT not as good as a DIT? :?

    Thanks for any help. :wink:
  2. walk-on-the-wild-side: Good evening walk-on-the-wild-side, good to see you in the Trg Wing again.

    walk-on-the-wild-side: Yes, I thought I'd pop in to see if anyone had replied to my thread.

    walk-on-the-wild-side: Have you had any luck old chap?

    walk-on-the-wild-side: Unfortunately not, it appears that there's no-one around at the moment to share their wisdom.

    walk-on-the-wild-side: Never mind, at least you tried. Why don't you enquire when you get back into work next Monday?

    walk-on-the-wild-side: Bl00dy 'ell, why didn't I think of that?
  3. wotws,

    Yes, your BIT is still valid. Can't remember the DIN, but in process of figuring out how little I have to do. Got it down to four days, I think.

  4. Wow, someone to talk to..........come back..................please............

    Cheers mucka. :wink:
  5. wotw

    Me again. 2007DIN06-113 and I won't quote it, because a bit at the top says I can't, but to paraphrase: BIT is an acceptable qual, it's just not purple, or civvie (and pink and fluffy by definition) and therefore we have to make you feel like 2nd class citizens...

    Para. 26 contains the relevant info (DINs are accessible through ArmyNet) and there is a lot of other stuff there too. Does your JPA assignment order have your "category" on it? Or are you just going to be bounced around once you get there?..

  6. Cheers for the DIN No., I've not been loaded onto a DTTT course yet, I'm aiming for Course 07/18 (10-21 Mar 08).

    [align=center]Oh I wish I was pink and fluffy and the owner of a DIT,
    I'd stand there in my flowery dress and show you my left t1t.

    Military things, they just aint what they used to be,
    we didn't have to go on DTTT courses back in '93'.

    This barmy fcukin army, just what's it comin' to?
    Well at least I've only got a few more years to do!

    [align=center](Unless I get sucked in by the beast they call VENG)[/align]

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  7. I Thank you, I've been walk-on-the-wild-side and that was my DTTT thread.
  8. That'll be you working in a 'Non-Training' capacity within ARTD then?

    Edited to add: Strange one that, with a name like 'Teech' :?