Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by AndyPipkin, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. sick, yet interesting.
  2. This 'artist; is obviously yet another candidate for live organ donation; use her body parts to enable decent people to live and throw out her empty body for the dogs. Perhaps some artist could capture the sequence of operations on 'cam............just a thought
  3. Interstgly enough i had an e-mail come to me yesterday (with pretty much the same title as this thread) asking me to sign on of those e-petition thingys.

    However the subject of outrage in the e-mail was another "artist," who had taken a stray dog from the street and tied it up in an art gallery and left it to starve whilst patrons of the gallery watched its demise. below is a copy of some of the e-mail and hopefully a picture.

    Now i don't agree with the inseminating thing, but cruelty to animals really grips my shite. People are going too far to try and make a name for themselves.

    Rant over, i'm off to the NAAFI to waste the rest of my day!

    F_G (Bonnet)

    EDITED TO ADD damnit, i fell for ANOTHER Wah! (see below)
  4. Aliza Shvarts, clearly a lady of hidden depths :roll:


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  5. There was a group on facebook about the starving dog artist last year but it was disbanded after the whole thing was found to be a hoax - no dog starved to death in the name of art
  6. Art?? My ARRSE!

    Makes the 'half a cow' seem like Picasso's finest! :x
  7. Perhaps you could enter your arrse for the Turner prize, probably in with a good chance given the previous candidates.
  8. Gandalf don't stress about it...that was a WAH! the dog was indeed a stray and it was fed and watered after the gallery closed, then released, when the exhibition closed, unharmed back on the streets to do its own thing again having had a couple of weeks of good food and warmth.

    It was done to provoke a reaction, the reaction being that we can willingly watch animals starve to death on the streets just not when it is put before us, santised and presented, it was designed to take us out of our 'comfort zone' and thats just what it did!

    This 'artist' is doing the same thing, she is sanitising a deeply personal act by shoving it in your face, I don't agree with abortion but she is not 'aborting' anything, she is mearly stopping the pregnancy occuring....bit like being on the pill! and I'm sure we will all start complaining about that!........no! didn't think so!
  9. Really?

    Cheers for that Lou and Charlotte_T_H I look a little foolish :oops: but at least the dog was ok!

    Cruelty to animals still grips my shite though! :x

    F_G (Bonnet)
  10. No thats what it was designed to do....just you had to be able to speak the language to read the disclosure! which the facebook generation couldn't!!
  11. If you want to get angry about something involving my two favourite subjects, animal cruelty and the americans........


    I saw the video...the fcuker DID throw the screaming yelping puppy, no two ways about it, already dead my fcuking arsse!

    A CNUT of the first order IMHO!
  12. Thank you for noticing, I have been working out :D
  13. But once again proves that "Art" is inherently built on snobbery, and if you don't "get it" then you're deemed to be an uncultured slob.....

    ..as opposed to just someone who thinks it's all a bunch of f-ucking arse executed by people scared to work for a living and adored by people with nothing more f ucking important to do (i.e. the "art" heirachy).

    i've seen so called "art" by supposed masters that wouldn't look out of place on a primary school wall but is deemed genius because of who painted it... utter cock and is just another example of the human obsession with exclusivity and wanting to feel different from the herd.

    I recently visited the national gallery and for me the most impressive thing in there was the superbly laid and polished wooden flooring.... but i'm a practical soul and find things that aren't actually "for" anything and serve no practical purpose irrelevent.

    apparently this proves i have "no joy in my soul" :)
  14. Thats exactly the sort of thing that really winds me up. What IS the point in doing something like that. I bet if you asked him he wouldn't even know himself...The fanny.