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Discussion in 'REME' started by mullet, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Our chief instructor who is a cretin has ordered the removal of the rogues gallery of WPNS tiffy courses dating back to ART WPNS 1 [1959]? from the cellar dwellers coridor. I am at present trying to get them put to disk, so if anybodies interested when done let me know & I will send any piccys requested. He said we dont teach history what a pratt
    Lt Col D Smales
  2. Sounds like a great bloke.

    I'd like a copy of the file, I'm in Oz so prob cheaper to do via email if poss.

  3. Nige, which one are you then the tin man, the scarecrow or the little girl with the pony tails? And just how bumpy is that yellow brick road?
  4. You can't delete Gods trade by taking down photos. Good luck with your cause mate.
  5. Phase 2 of the master plan, Phase 1 being merge Gun Ftr and Armr. Phase 3 is make it a feeder trade to Art Mech, Phase 4 contract out weapons support leaving Armourers to only fix OFCS and play warhammer, which will be the final straw.
  6. The C.I is right, the british army is an entirely inappropriate place to hold on to a sense of the past. Everyone knows that.

    Have you tried donating them to the Corp archives. Just because he isn't interested doesn't mean that everyone isn't.
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  7. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Might be worth giving Spaz a shout too - he'll be all over it :)
  8. Tin man for sure, although my sidies can be mistaken for ponytails in the right light.....
  9. Funnily enough, my trade down here is now 'Artificer Mechanical'...
  10. Gods trade my arse, the worst bosses i ever had and who wouldnt listen to advice were wpn spankers who were in charge of VM's, used to make some shite decisions and as a result the blokes used to get fucked over as they had no appreciation for what our job entails due to lack of experience doing the ******* job!
    For example: If i tell some **** that the t/box is royally fucked on a veh, at least as a vm tiffy he might listen, not tell me to stop having such a negative attitude and to sort it out... Or with another bell end, if a JCB needs to go to 2nd/3rd line to get the main pivot pins for the lifting arms changed then it needs to go, the fact that 2 porta presses broke trying to force them out should have made it clear, not wait until i am on a day off, get the MTSM to cut the frame with the pin, use heat to get the pins out (would have melted the cab in situ) then weld it back on, expect me to fit the new pins and sign it off, i couldnt believe he was shocked when i told him to **** off and if he wanted to sign it off do it himself, funnily enough the JCB ended up being cast...
    Stick to your rifles and dustcoats or at least have the decency to listen to the blokes who do the job they are trained to do..!
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  11. There are no Armourers in Hell
    There are Queers, Tiffies and VM's
    But there are no Armourers in Hell
  12. Are the photos of the weapon geeks in GIMP masks or is it an informal photo????
  14. It is gods trade, sometimes those within his trade have moments of weakness - but as can be seen from above, poor engineering solutions can be bourne by any trade!

    Again, good luck with keeping the photos.
  15. **** off with your 'gods trade' shite you dust coat wearing *****! when youactually do some ******* work for a living i might have some ******* time for you **** bag shit stabbing, coffee drinking sperm sucking, wolfbagging *******, before that i would be more willing to accept a recce mech or heaven forbid a ******* tech storeman calling themselves Gods trade before you ******* useless ******* trying to jump on the bandwagon before the VM's who lets face it are the backbone of this ******* Corps, mostly due to the fact we are the biggest manpower pool, always the ones who get dicked for work and lets face it due to our trade never stop working, unlike you ***** who might change a gas plug and whine like **** to your missus about being pulled off the area to supply one and get your hands dirty on the packaging! Eat shit you wpns *****! i have more respect for the ******* cleaners than you *******, at least they are honest about how ******* stupid they are you *****!