Art Unsp?

Discussion in 'REME' started by catchyerselfon, Jan 26, 2006.

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  1. Right im guessing that Art Unsp is what it says on the tin, can anyone help with Art Unsp (EL) and Art Unsp (EM).
    Thought the first was Electronics.
    No this aint a Wah i probably just cant see the wood for the twees!
    Cheers All
  2. Yep you are right for the first catchyer; however, the second is for Electro Mechanical i.e those so called electronic trades that could only manage a HNC i.e. VMs/Wpns who dabble in a bit of the magic stuff. This is only IMHO.
  3. Catch, you got nothing better to do? You need to be looking at Art Unspec ( SS) i.e. Sports Store...... where all you have to do all day is sign the girls netball kit in and out. Thats if you make it of course!


    PS Hurry Back
  4. I'll have you know that as an ASM Weapons I can categorically state that I know chuff all about electramatrickery. That's why we've got VE's isn't it? Hang on...

    I haven't a clue what the answer is but Bullfrog's guesstimate sounds about right.

    Continuing the list of things that I know chuff all about, I'm going to Warminster to learn about JAMES tomorrow; oh joy.

    Toodle pip.
  5. Call yourself an ASM! First of all you're weapons and secondly.....oh fcuk it!
  6. Steady boy, don't touch what you can't afford. :twisted:
  7. Now where do i sign for that on the pref posting, at trade Knicker Sniffer! Suit me down to the ground.
  8. Well personally I'd like to be called " MONSIGNOR DEREK SHABASH NANOOK, King of the Space Pirates ", but the Army says I haven't done the course for that (Apparently the Cheat sheets go below font 4), so they keep calling me ASM.

    Ah well, another 18 months and they can call me whatever they like, as long as the pension rolls in.

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