Art or what????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tuffy52, May 11, 2012.

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  2. Yes it is art, titled 'Helter Skelter in the Style of a Mad Woman's Shit'.
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  3. Art? No. Shit? Yes.

    Why the hell did they put that monstrosity up? They seem to be trying to make the Olympics as embarrassing as possible, what with a logo that a 10 year old mong designed and this thing.
  4. The whole Olympics thing is a heap of shite, and that hideous thing is the brown cherry on top.
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  5. I wonder how many ££££££££££££££s she managed to swindle out of The Mighty Seb for that tower of shit. Did she do a couple of nights worth of skip-diving to get the material? Somebody's having a giraffe, to use the vernacular.
  6. I honestly don't know what foreigners will think of us. Queues and queues for immigration and this shit in the middle of the park. Add in the fact that it's named after a sponsor and the entirety of the Olympic area has been smothered in advertising for shit food, other nations will finally realise that anything in the UK is now for sale, no matter how precious or important to national pride. Remember the Metrix deal to privatise military training? And how long it took to bin it? You can even buy police now if your name is G4S and you pay for din-dins for Cameron. Everyone seems to have forgotten about that now though..
  7. It looks like they got Picasso to design Alton Towers newest roller coaster!
    Put the fucking thing back on the scrap heap they found it on and sack the twat that paid out OUR money for it!
  8. Its fucking gash!

    Speaking of mong designs...
    compared to
  9. Is that someone trying to shove a crossing lollipop up their clopper?
  10. That is completely unacceptable and bang out of order.

    It looks more like a 6 year old mong designed it.
  11. I think you'll find Kapoor is a bloke. Are you thinking of that bint Hadid? She's the one who IIRC complained about racism and sexism when she failed to get the commisssion for the Cardiff Bay Opera House rather than accepting the design wasn't much good.

    Anyway, I rather like the Helter Skelter In The Style Of A Mad Woman's Shit & as the Mittal Coprporation paid for it think we've got pretty good value. I had to visit Norwich periodically until relatively recently & watched it going up.
  12. Be worth a few bucks in scrap.
  13. I can just hear the interview with Seb Coe:

    "I heard there were pikies in the area ind in the morning there it was, gone!"
  14. Will I? OK, but he builds stuff
  15. Kapoor is a bloke and he has done some good stuff. His Asencion in the church of San Goirgio wasn't bad, although it did look a bit like a shower in a gas chamber from some angles.

    But the Olympic Tower looks like a chimp's climbing frame from Hiroshima Zoo, the day after Enola Gay flew home.

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