Art or shite.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Lance_corp_more_rant, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. utter shite
  2. Some twat with way to much money and not enough brain!
  3. Jammy cunt.

    Do it myself if I had the chance.
  4. Its exquisite..... easily worth £5 million.

    It seems to me this artist is working firmly in the landscape as utter bollox tradition...
  5. no you couldnt .... your name is dull and english sounding.. and in all probability doesnt sound like you have had interesting things done with your genitals.
  6. Why do I strive for the perfect landscape photograph when obviously any old crap will do?

    £2.7m - my God!

  7. I am Egon Jankindaski, and my seminal work 'Paving Slabs VII' is available for a mere £500K. By juxtaposing the banal dog-ends with the exotic dog turd with lolly stick poked into it, the work places the viewer at the heart of a hermineutic conundrum: whither the Self?
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  8. With the exception of Pigshyt, you're all jealous.

    If I could get the gullible Mr Saatchi to promote my artistic efforts;

    'Messy room, my life as a poseur' (After Tracy Eminem)

    'Fuck off big shark' An intellectual conumdrum, inspired by Dimperson Hearse.

    And my seminal

    'Blank Canvas no. 275'

    I would take his/her money and try to keep a straight face until the cheque cleared.

    P.T.Barnum. 'There's one born every minute.' And 'Nobody went bankrupt by underestimating public taste.'
  9. Definite shite. But look on the bright side. There must be some fools with money who are yet to be parted from it.
  10. The viewer is not invited to consider a specific place along the river but rather an almost 'platonic' ideal of the body of water as it navigates the landscape.


  11. So is stabbing people.
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  12. Morons. Can you not see the juxtaposition of the underlying metaphor.

    Jesus wept.
  13. He certainly did---with tears of fucking laughter!!!!
  14. Does that mean it might not even be a photo of the Rhine?

    It's fekkin' Peckham Spring innit?