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I'm on a creative roll........not only the impending book but, I also do artwork mainly commissioned military but:
The 20th of November this year marks the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Cambrai which, if after the advent of the Machine Gun the battlefield hadn't changed enough, would change land warfare forever.
In honour of this I have done a sketch of a MkIV Male with 5 members of it's crew, at Cambrai the afternoon before, there are some words of a 1916 song about tanks along with General Elles' famous Special Order No 6, to the Tank Corps.
There will only be 195 A1 sized (84 x 594cms) prints individually numbered and signed by me that are available. The original will either go to RHQ RTR or the Tank Museum at Bovington. It has been going down a storm 'behind the scenes' both on the RAC and 3RTR threads. However, I thought I may throw the net a little wider both here and in Australia and Canada.
I have endeavoured to keep the cost down therefore the price incl P&P is £45. If anyone is interested in purchasing a print please contact me via PM.
Many thanks for your time.

polar69 said:
Thats very nice that is Arthur3bums
Why thankyou kind sire.

'Ere's a couple more I wuz commissioned for! Apologies for very poor camera photography.

This weren't a commission just a doodle to show what can be achieved with ink.

These 2 on the other hand were a commission but slightly more expensive than the inks.



My agent has a website art for arts sake! Im a photographer


War Hero
If anyone liked the picture but didn't take the plunge, do so. Recieved mine this morning and it is excellent. You would not think it is a print, scared to touch it incase I smudge the pencil marks!!!!!!!!

Underpriced if you ask me!!!!!!!!!!!
Just to keep in touch here, any fans may like to see my latest commission??

They're good! Thanks for posting, and power to your pencil/pen/brush!


WOW they are amazing! I'd love to be able to draw like that! xxx
IckleMissNawti said:
WOW they are amazing! I'd love to be able to draw like that! xxx
By the look of your location you need to have your locking wheel nuts fitted too!!LMAO
I don't just do tanks either!!! Scanner wasn't big enough to cover all A3 sheet.

Just keep you updated and the thread alive!!!!
The original of the Cambrai commemorative picture has been requested for archive at the Bovington Tank Museum where it will be preserved!? and on occasion displayed. I feel like I've achieved something anyway!!
If any of you have any ideas for pictures Tanks or otherwise that you want to discuss with me (no porn you lot) - my email is
Thanks for the support you've given me so far. Here's a piccie I've just done. In fact to show you I'm steady, it's one I'd already completed and sent but, Postman Pat failed to deliver so, the customer get's what he asked for.with a couple of changes in case I spot the other one!!!!
More news on this print.
After considering the Tank Museums archive request. I've had a request from RHQ RTR to have the original artwork. I've decided that I would prefer this as, it was never drawn to be hidden in an archive, it's meant to be displayed!! Therefore in due course it will be framed and presented to RHQ. The Tank museum will however receive a print for it's archive.

Just to prove I can research and take on just about anything. Here's a Canadian RAM Tonka late 40's I did last week!! I really must get a bigger scanner to do justice to the bleddy pics. :oops:

Deleted as in next post
Ladies and Gentlemen
I've had a certain amount of pressure to provide pictures - mainly from Tank types but, also pictures ranging from Belfast riots or someone's sister wants her dogs immortalising!! Either way here are a couple prints coming out soon and, I've given a pricing guide should anyone want one! these prices are for prints not originals (none are numbered or personally signed as limited editions_ -
Tank Tips by Swinton - in A2 size or, any print in black/white A2. (This is my own bodge to show - the print will be more professionally finished) will be for sale on 190gm paper (thicker paper than the Cambrai print) at please see most recent post for pricing.

These A3 sized prints will all be available at please see most recent post for pricing.
Challenger 2 (Non Op Telic)

Mk IV Male 1917.

Grant Africa 1942

If anyone wanted to order a set of say 3xA3 prints I'll do a bit of a bulk discount to cover saving on P&P. They won't be ready until the week after next but, hopefully you'll give me some feedback before then. If anyone wants to order anything please use my private email - Cheers guys and guysesses.
I've now got low res images to show you of my latest creations.
I've had to rethink my pricing due to unforseen costs.
Any A3 prints I now supply will come mounted on dark green card, a backboard and be in a sellophane protective sleeve in a board backed envelope.
All printed on highest grade 200 Gsm paper.
A3 size prints Now comes in at £27.50 incl P&P.
A2 prints will be unmounted, rolled and tubed at £36.50 incl P&P.
I would love to offer a framing service but, parcelforce or whoever normally deliver in jigsaw form. I can however, highly recommend an excellent framing service in Wiltshire.
Anyway hope you enjoy.

This is a general Armoured theme based on Ernest Swinton's WW1 Tank Tips, as good today as then. A2 size.

These 2 are really ex 3RTR Interest but, the tanks can be extracted and done as individual A3 prints.

This is A3 sized.

This is A2 sized. It may prompt someone to think of their unit amalgamations etc.
Here a couple images of A3:

Stuart Honey

Chally 1


Finally this is my latest work - dedicated to all REME and Tank Soldiers.

I promised I'd do a CR2 on Telic- at last here is a poor scan of the beast.
Here are the portraits I was recently priviledged to do for a colleague of his lovely grandchildren.

Unfortunately my poor photography does no justice to either the children or the picture but it gives an idea.
Mr Happy
Yep, they are all tanks - on here, give us a chance mate, I've only just started this lark!! My website is imminent and I need to find time to build my portfolio, there are more than tanks on there, not much more but definately more, I'll keep you posted!! Finished the book?

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