Art for 2012 Olympics

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by HEART_STOPPER, Nov 5, 2011.

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  1. Now I'm no art buff but if I like the look of a picture I'll be fair and honest.
    Whilst watching BBC news this morning some old bloke and bird were introduced as being on the art select committee for the games. They then showed some of the art that's been selected and he commented that one of them wasn't abstract but a representation of the energy of the games.
    It was complete ******* arse and showed that art is a pretentious load of bollocks and all I can say is I hope no ****** is giving them money for any of it.
    The offending painting was, if you can imagine, the end result that any 2 year old with a brush and blue paint would bring home from nursery,( I know this as I have a very similar one on the kitchen wall brought home by a 2 year old) I shit you not it was literally blue paint swirled around and was worth a ridiculous amount, I mean who the **** says this is art. I'm hoping someone can find it and do a link, but what a load of bollox!
  2. Saw the same thing and thought exactly the same.

    Did they mention how much that one that was just a set of straight multicoloured lines was worth because I reckon I could knock about six of them out a day?
  3. Made me ******* laugh and all..
    How the **** could they justify paying that committee.. What made me laugh even more was one of they space cadet ******* artists.. His comment along the lines of I took the Olympic colours and did a podium.. Because they have podiums in the Olympics.. or some shit like that..
    An absolute farce..
  4. Oh and don't forget.. the lines could be racing from left to right or right to left...**** off...blagging like **** they were..
  5. A complete waste of time and money. So yes, the posters are a perfect representation of the 2012 Olympics...:roll:
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  6. To be honest I thought I was alone in thinking it was all bollocks. It takes the piss, I reckon me and miniminime could smash out dozens a day, dear lord how they get away with it is shocking.
  7. My eleven month old brings more artistic and creative stuff home when the wife takes him to mums and tots.
  8. You could probably empty the contents of your son's nappy onto an A4 piece of paper and sell it to Lord Coe for few grand.

    And if you do, I want half(the money, not the painting materials).
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  9. I hope no taxpayers cash went to pay for the 5 minutes that they must have used to create most of those "artworks". Only an utter simpleton would pay for this.
  10. and for this;


    I'd like cash please.
  11. Sixty

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  12. i think that all of you are understating it, there is no way that any of it was as good as you guys have been making it out to be. Me and mrs Crimson were totally gobsmacked at the utter drivel coming out of the art 'experts' mouth. he was making it up as he went along and im sure he knew it was all shit as well. this just stinks of the emperors new clothes, they are all just scared of saying it is shite in case some ****** wants his money back or just realises they are a complete bunch of ***** for buying it and saying it is good in the first place. Just complete and utter ***** thats all they are and they think we are stupid enough to fall for it because some expoert says it is good, grips my ******* shit it does.

    I also noticed there are a slack handful of Turner prize winners amongst the 'Artists'; thats why all the arty types are scared to say how shit they are.

    Apart from that it was all fine!
  13. Is the committee buying art or the artists name, cos those posters are shit.
    I'm trained in "Art" I have a GCSE in it G'uv. :O)