Art Elec postings July 07

Discussion in 'REME' started by Chubby_Brown, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. We are on Tiffy Elec course and have been asked for our posting preferences already, we don't finish till July 2007!
    Anyone know of any posts for SSgt available then? I'm keen on 3Bn or anywhere in BFG, but anywhere else for the other scrotes! cheers.
  2. hi chubby, hear there's lots of them going in SEAE. nice one, might free up postings for the rest of us! Say hi to Frankie for me!
  3. Chubby, you didn't have an incident in Bordon with your missus, child and certain phalic vegetable did you?
  4. Sparky,

    What the fcuk are you on about?

    anyone got any intelligent answers to the post please?
  5. is that a bite chubbster?! you are inviting an open season.
  6. Not biting,

    Just wondering what he's on about.

    Seems like all our postings are getting cut all over, DPA, DLO or SEAE here I come!
  7. Chubby, thought you might be an old acquaintance of mine, obviously not.

    For the record, you want to avoid DLO DPA and SEAE like the plague. When promotion board time comes and you're up against lads who are deploying or at least enjoying a varied tour, your CR saying that you fill out paperwork well will pail in ininsignificance. Trust me I know. In the field you are a leader of men, important and valuable. In DLO etc you are a E1 equivalent, the second lowest rank in the civil service. Its grim if you are ambitious.
  8. Nae bother,

    Cheers for the info but when theres hardly any Art Elec posts where we can deploy and look after section's then the future aint so rosey.

    I'll just put in the dream sheet and see what happens.
  9. Could have been me, but it wasn't the missus it was you. Anyway 25 Apr be there!
  10. ok bosseroonie! It was good the other day, enjoyed it. (The cucumber I mean!)