Art Elec in Bns

i know i'll get grief for this one and more importantly for being a Tech! but having seen the re-structuring for the battalions due to happen in March 2008 the SSgt Electronics Artificer post is gone and it doesn't appear within the off platform repair company. Therefore where the hell are they going to put us? Andover, Abbey Wood i just can't wait :cry:
As some of you seem to think that members within the rose tinted windowed DEME(A) look at this site i wonder if any of them had an answer, because I can't find one anywhere else.
Sounds like the reason that Bns were originally created.
Command jobs for officers.
Training posts for RD/RS
Welfare stability cases.
They have finally decided they don't need these interfering Technical types.
Watch out VMs! They are bound to work out a way to civillianise the amount of time you spend attached t oa broom.
Just in case you didn't know this F_E

Its not actually our Corps that places Artificers by their trade into field force posts. Its the parent units. To that end if you want to go somewhere and have the chance to contact the unit before hand to tell them that you want to go there then they may well be able to help you out. It has already happened. SSgt ECE's (old money) are now taking up some CR2 posts as well as some guys in Armoured Inf roles.

If DEME(A) is reading, perhaps you can tell us why we need to stick certain trades into certain jobs. I don't believe that it matters what equipment you support once you become an Artificer as you should be managing your men to look after the kit.
Thanks Sparky 8 for your views, however it is the Corps that states what manning is required for Battalions (LSN's ) as we're now changing from 411 to 373ish. As for it not mattering what trade you are as long as you manage your soldiers, this is a point of issue, why do we take trade papers and spend 18 months gaining a BSc in electronic systems engineering when all i need to complete my job is a quick lesson in microsoft excel and how to produce gantt charts. I do hope that in the future no one asks me a technical question or I'll produce a pie chart, get them to make a notice board and then all will be well. As an artificer i should be able to manage my resources and provide technical assistance. it was not long ago that i had to undertake production, as I was the only person in the Platoon qualified to carry out the tasks.
The Corps is changing, not just in terms of manpower throughout units but also the roles these people are expected to carry out, does our training therefore need changing? but these are questions for another thread.
anyway thanks again for your input, without it these pages would cease to exist.
F_E. Yep, I know that its our Corps that puts us into our Battalions. I just wanted to highlight the fact that the field force posts, where its really at, has nothing to do with the postings. & trust me, I am right up there with you on the technical training balanced off against what we really have to know. In fact, if you've sat your VIVA board in the last 14 months, chances are I sat through and critiqued your presentation so I know exactly where you are coming from.

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