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Discussion in 'Living Overseas' started by bullshit, Aug 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi all

    Been a bit absent on ARRSE and also on the ex service front so was considering if any ex service have settled in Denmark as I have and wish to get together once in a while? I cannot find any Legion presence here and guess many ex squaddies left BFG and headed North after the lovely blonde & blue eyed ladies ;-)

    I was thinking of Things like:

    - Social
    - Help to those here
    - Help to those coming here
    - Networking
    - more social ;-)

    For those that may not know, Denmark has many war-graves here. mostly RAF crew and maybe something could be put together for remembrance 2013? Also maybe adding those in Sweden and Norway?

    Anyway, PM me, happy to start Things moving.

  2. I'm in Norway - have been here for quite some time.

    I could certainly be a point of contact/information for anybody wishing to move here.
  3. had a visit over last year, lovely country and would consider moving at some point. How have you found the language? do people expect you to speak native or is English widely spoken?
  4. I know of one, but he's a vile bottom raping African. Best avoided.
  5. Hi

    Many bigger Danish Companies (ie mine) have working language of English, also English is very widely spoken from taxi drivers, teenage check-out girl to sales person on phone, so in fact you can live here with no need to learn Danish, but that is a bit rude to do so.

    I think in many ways its a good place to come to for someone ex service looking for a calmer lifesyle. Yes, mea expensive but rat-race has not made it here. Also employees quite respect English and generally treat you quite well.

    Phibeck, where in Norway are you?

  6. Kongsberg - about 1.5 hours drive South West of Oslo.
  7. English is as Bullshit says, widely spoken, but I'd recommend learning the lingo, it makes life a lot easier in the long run.
  8. I live in Bergen.Its been Raining for 82 out of the last 90 days.
  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    Is Scandinavia beyond the reach of the Redcoats?
  10. No - not at all. In facxt, it's one of their PJOBs. Avoid, in favour of Belarus.
  11. Crepello. You in Belarus? Do you visit Riga?

    Actually. Could there be a Baltic plus Norway grouping?
  12. Hi guys.

    I've just applied for a job and will know in about 10 days if the firm has won the tender; if so, looks like a rapid redeployment to Norway immediately after being discharged at the end of this month.

    Grateful for any advice, top tips etc; looks like me and the Frau may have to move fast if it all comes off and we decide to give it a whirl...
  13. Where are you moving to, what is the line of work? Difficult tp give any top tips without a few more details, ther than the taxes and the price of beer will make your eyes water.

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  14. English is not widely spoken in Belarus outside of Minsk...
  15. Looks like it will be to Stavanger, contracting to the NATO JFC there for between 18-24 months. I've had a quick squeak at their tax laws; getting non-residence for UK tax seems straightforward, but just 6 months in Norway makes you a resident even if it's a temporary stay...!