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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vampireuk, Sep 8, 2011.

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  1. You'd never get that in a pub, try a pony or a goat
  2. If they let sluggy in then our newly adopted friend will be fine.
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  3. Legs look like hers.
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  4. [​IMG]

    All that needs is a half eaten kebab.
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  5. I'm still praying we can get Mr Potatohead back.I still wear my badge with pride.
  6. Sssh we cannot mention his name, clearly a site full of a bunch of drunken bitter cunts will be confused with a childrens toy.
  7. anyways....Mushy up there has grown on me! (Not literally) I quite like him now!
  8. Look at the eyes, look at the eyes, anyone got her number ;)
  9. The only possible choice is a regimental goat. Preferably one of the Arrse Faced Goats out of Viz from about 1990.

    Failing that, Cunt the polar bear (I know how it's spelled) is now dead and can't sue us for breach of his image rights.

  10. What about this guy

    I thought the singer was an ex of Jarrod
  11. I would suggest that a moose it too foreign.

    Given the number of times it gets mentioned, what about a badger?

    This one was a) drunk and b) in the Fatherland, so fits ARRSE well.

  12. Joe Civvie, I see from that foto that the German Police are using a dog faced broom.

    Do Lidl or Aldo sell those?
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  13. Pip and tea.jpg

    There can only ever be one mascot.

    I'll loan him if you want.

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