Seriously though, you need to be up to speed on all your equipment (practically and theory) dont want to be having to learn a new bit of kit and teaching it, you are expected to have indepth knowledge. If you dont know then find out. The course is intensive however the instructors will give you maximum support, but dont be expect to be spoon fed! Time management is crucial as is attention to detail.
A lot of people slag off the course, mainly people who have failed and feel harshly done by, its usually the ones that cant take constructive critisism or try and bluff iand cuff it. But ask the lads that have recently completed it and im sure the majority will say they got a a lot out of it and that it is acheivable! And the long of the short of it is that you will be at the top of your trade..more than some RSMIs even !! :wink:
Very similar reply as all the others i have had from mates who have done the course.
Going on a exercise for 2 weeks finish on a fri then on the course on the sunday!! 8O

So when i'm sat on top of a hill for two weeks, teaching the intracacies of a GMM to sheep!! :lol:

No i shall be revising and practicing stuff to pass the time!! quite useful in a way.

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