Arsenal v Reading

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Helpimafish, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. What the f*ck was that. Most mental football game I have ever seen.
  2. Saw goal highlights on the news, I can only assume the rest of the came played out like Rocky.
  3. best game of football I've ever seen. At half time I was convinced Arsenal had been pawned once again. By full time not a soul had any idea what was going to happen in the end. 7-5 doesn't tell the story to full justice, the last goal was a bit of bad luck to Reading. Being that goalkeeper and watching the ball slowly arch over your head must have been the most demoralising moment of his entire life.
  4. I know, I don't think anyone could have expected Chamakh to score 2! goals to win the game for Arsenal
  5. As one commentator famously said, "Why do you love the game? THIS is why you love the game..."

    I couldn't agree more. Games like this are the reason I love football. Some Canadians think I'm crazy, because it's "boring" as it isn't as fast-paced as hockey. But, look at this way, last season's Premier League finale - Man City scoring 2 goals in the last four minutes of extra time to win a title.

    The euphoria... the atmosphere... unbelievable. Football has proven tonight why it is truly a global sport - sensational. Words cannot describe...
  6. Unbelievable game. I've been an Arsenal fan since I was about 10 but I was born in Reading and the first game I ever saw was at Elm Park (yes that old!). My dad's a Reading fan and I follow them as a second team, even have a couple of shirts. Mixed emotions about the result but a great advert for English football.