Arsenal v Man U

game over me thinks.
and that's 2....
tatty-bye gooners
60 mins gone and the gooner fans are pouring out of the stadium!


Book Reviewer
Tossers. It must be Hell up there waiting to see who plays in Europe next year.

Real men are watching and waiting to see who screws up worse than us, so we can book into the Travel Lodge near Luton next season.

Is Milton Keynes in the Coca Cola Transit Van League? I have a cousin in Harpenden and I can stay with her.

Howay the lads.
as Ann Robinson would say

"Arsene, YOU leave, with nothing"
well taken penalty though.
Man U were Brilliant, but felt desparate for Fletcher though, it wasn't a penalty either, Arsene seemed to grow older every few minutes.
i left after 57 minutes, waste of fecking space the lot of them

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