Arsenal play dirty

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, May 7, 2006.

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  1. As a spurs fan I'm obviously just slightly wary of this. Spurs deserve better than 5th place, especially if they had as many players affected as they claimed. I doubt that arsenal had anything to do with it, but a fan in the kitchen?
  2. Oh East London is wonderful....... :lol: :lol:
  3. poor old spurs - 4th most of the season then loose it on the final day. Congrats to Arsenal. Pressures off for the Champs league final now. I for one will be supporting the Arse on the night
  4. Fantastic end after 93 years. Thierry c'est Dieux , and what a great way to end the domestic year . Va-va-voom. Wrighty looked a bit chuffed and all :)

  5. ooooo I didn't know you Arsenal Scum PTP 8O
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Spurs deserve to be what they are, 44 years and still waiting.

    What a great day, seeing the Yids get the $hits and lose to the mighty 'ammers!! Cheers Upton Park!
  7. How could you not have guessed PrawnScummer Bird? :D

    I am saving myself booze wise , for another couple of days yet though....

    Dear Spurs,

    It was the Gefilte fish Oi! :)

    (With apologies to John Cleese)
  8. I know!! I mean the names you call us are so original and only Arsenal fans call us that :roll:
  9. The Henry hat trick, Wrighty dancing for all he was worth and then fourth place. It was pity about the Spurs illness bit but then again Arsenal lost to Swindon 3-1 in 1969 Milk Cup due to the first team all being unavailable due to a 'flu epidemic - all evens up I suppose.

    Now it's Paris, Ashburton Grove and a new era. Hopefully the 'scum will remain as ever in our wake - after all I've only just gotten over the 1971 victory at White Hart Lane and at my age can't take too much excitement and need to retain the bragging rights over my cousins from the other end of Lordshp Lane!

    Sorry you're season finished so poorly Crabby, but at least you've got EUFA cup football - has to be a reason to smile and apart from the silly goal fracas at Highbury I actually like your manager.

    Let's hope North London can see the others off between them next year (and we'll have the derbies ;-)),

  10. Too right! The pub I was in erupted when the 2nd West Ham goal went in. The memory of 2/3rds of the pub singing "Champions league - you're havin' a laugh" to the one spurs fan will make me smile for many a day. Though to his credit he took it well
    Roll on the finals hope West Ham make a match of the FA cup final and boro win the other.

    Corn. :D