Arsenal are crap and still win the FA Cup 2005


What a great wet day in Cardiff. Waiting for the 'Glazer' protest which must have consisted of Man U fans wearing Man U shirts and waving Man U flags.

Arsenal were absolute pump and missed Sir Terry Henry! No idea up front and had the cutting edge of a butter knife!

It was even better watching ScouseChav boy miss a hatful followed by Gwa and Horse-face diver missing a few to!

We wait until extra time for Carroll to realise he's actually playing to save from VP! We were resigned to a 3-0 caning!

Then penalties, seeing the GWA miss with a great save from the German hat-stand!

Great celebrations at the end, watching 'step over boy' weeping!

Tastes even sweeter when we were as crap as we were! :lol:
We were sh*te . Did you see The Dark Lord Henri sitting there absolutely frustrated? Man U had numerous attempts on the goal , oh for the back 4 of years past :(

Still we won , and the one good thing, it shut up the partisan BBC commentary :D
still have a hangover from celebrating ...
yes we did play crap but when we play man u i dont care how we win as long as we do.. missed henry though...
the german flapper was quite good too, which shocked the sh1t out of me....
I would just like to say well done to you lot for making my day yesterday, whenever i watch united play (not often) i always support the team they are playing against.

United were the better team but the fact they lost at pens makes it even better because it makes the fans double sick.

Well done again guys.

O and heres one for the united fans reworded just for you, since you sing it about us at all your games.

This is how it feels to be united, this is how it feels to be small, this is what it feels like to win nothing at all, nothing at all.

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