ARSE - Royal Engineer ARSE - How many are there?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by michaelruston, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. I use arse...and ARRSE

    PS You might want to post this on the Sapper board.
  2. Didn't meet you mate. But 79 to end of 87. 24/49/23sqns Sapper L/cpl/Scissors/Sapper
  3. 79, 24 Sqn 87, 23 sqn, snap I must know you
  4. Ex Sapper 1965 - 89
  5. You just have to see how many views the Sapper Threads have to know there are more than likely a LOT of us 8O

  6. Outrageous plugging of book!
  7. Thats not a Book Grumpy it's just the Hard EOD Cafe's new Logo!
  8. I use ARRSE but i'm not RE.

    (Just so you can cross me off if you've started a list)
  9. 3 para mortars then :?: :wink: :?: :wink:
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  10. Of course I`m an ex-Sapper. There is something infinitely satisfying about being able to do most everything that anyone else can do, and a bit more besides (the pukka-gen RE stuff). Lt Chard, anyone? Or Gordon, or Kitchener!

    And, the originator of this tread, who is also the author of the book being touted, is someone that I served with back in the 60`s in Osnabrück. You couldn`t hope to meet a nicer and more pleasant guy. It would appear he has hit on hard times through no fault of his own, so, let`s help him out a little.
  11. me geordie carr reme piss head 77 and 26 1984 - 1988 best times of my life - still nuts - got run over at xmas ( still on the drink)
  12. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    sappers faasands of 'em sir .