There's a poxy new comet floating about up there which will be fairly visible here in the northern hemisphere next week in the western sky. The aussies are already rubbing their thighs at it....

The drooling invertebrates who man telescopes because they don't know any women have given it the fucking crap name "Comet Panstarrs."

Now comets are suposed to be portents of bad things happening and yet Huge-oh Chavez has just kicked the bucket.....I was just wondering what this comet might portend, something unthinkable, another world war, a trophy for Liverpool.......????

There might be some clues to be found in the name itself.....I found the following anagrams:

Tampons Craters – A meteor shower of jam rags, I always knew women astronauts were a mistake!

Sarcasm Portent – No, you’re having me on!

Rampant Corsets – Yes please…..!
Rampant Escorts – More of that……!

Crate Sportsman – Aye, let the sciving cunts get them in I say!

A Sperm Contrast – Oh shit, another DNA test!!!!!!

Porn Sets Tarmac – Good news for the lads in the construction industry with all them new barracks to build to house my swedish A5 grumble mags!

Sancta Sperm Rot – Trouble at’t mill and a nasty infection for the new pope
Or Rampant Sects – More of that!

Rattan Crop Mess – Shades of Grey II coming out….
As Crap Torments – Not worth buying though!

Para Scent Storm – Mortar platoon PX trip...or shit storm?

What do you wreckon!!!
You mean like Michael Hutchence, dying whilst screaming "Paauula Yaaaaaaaattttesssssssssssssssss the slaaaaaapppppeeeerrrrrrr!"

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