Arrstoneberry 2012

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tazmanian_clogdancer, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. Next year that farmer fellow is resting his land and arrse could make a mint hosting its own event. Obviously tropper should be the headline act as a one man band and stacker (if he's not doing some fat biftas tour) should organise the catering. If one of you dizzy overachievers who made it past lancejack could get it set up on a training area we could have a smashing finale involving U2 and live firing. Any other bands or arrsers who should make it?

    this time next year Rodney......
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  2. long as i dont endup dead in a portaloo I'll be happy
  3. Can the music be quiet and no flashing lights.
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  4. The Clash, Jam and Madness please!
  5. Apparently, it is muffled if you sit in a Portaloo which may help if Shittypants gets his wish............. wouldn't use trap 3 tho' for obvious reasons.
  6. Jarrod could run the medical tent.

    Dale could provide a dog for the security.
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  7. You mean like the "The Best Of The Osmonds" CD. Ninety minutes of total silence......

    .....which could only be improved on if Jimmy Osmond could be heard choking in his own blood......
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  8. Could the lineup include Justin Beiber. And maybe Barry Manilow
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  9. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    in the relaxation tent complete with free bar, we'd need serving staff. Girls Aloud less the gobby useless geordie, the Saturdays and any other girl group that's still breathing to wait on us hand and foot
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  10. Why not move the whole silly nonsense to the Lybian desert? The locals might be glad of the distraction.
  11. Haven't those poor people suffered enough?
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  12. justine bieber v hanson in a celbrity death match stylee.

    lily allen, connected to the mains, for each wrong note she gets 75,000v. For each faux working class background lyric an 40mm lands on the stage.
  13. You go too far, sir.
    To deploy WMD's against the good gentle folk of the UK ARRSE contingent.
    What have we ever done to you?
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  14. get the Ramones on the bill and i'm in.
    Can i run security? I'll need some tasers and a natty black uniform
  15. May I suggest that we offer the use of the Driver Training Area on SPTA? It's usually quite lovely after a bit of rain and it would make every subsequent Glasty look like a tropical paradise. For added entertainment (well, for us anyway) we could place all the thunderboxes at the top of those cheeky 1:1 slopes.
    Finale? How about offering all those laydees who pass the not-a-hippocrockadillagruntymoose test a free trip through the wash-down point — that should give our resident phots a chance to get the 2013 Arrse Wet T-Shirt Calendar sorted.
    I'll waive my normal consultancy fee as it's for charideee!
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