Arrsewipe copper.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Awol, Nov 21, 2009.

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  1. Chaps, my missus has just returned home after babysitting for a friend. On the way there she was nicked by a solitary copper in an unmarked car for doing 48mph in a 40 limit.

    Now I have no problem with that, she got nicked, end of. What is pissing me off is that the humourless jobsworth actually gave her the Caution (you don't have to say anything etc) and she crapped herself thinking she was getting arrested. Can any Arrse coppers throw any light on whether this is normal procedure when issuing a fixed penalty for speeding? It seems very excessive to me.

    The other thing which is really pissing me off is that he showed her the hand held radar gun jobby that he used to nick her while he was following her. When the plod spend millions of sanctimonious pounds telling us peasants how it is impossible to both drive safely and use a phone/eat a toffee/ adjust the radio etc how the hell can this bloke safely pick up the gun, tune it in, point at wife, record speed and whatever else is required to use it, while also driving his car at 48 mph. Presumably he was steering with his knees.

    I don't know if it's too late because she accepted the fixed penalty, but part of me wants to officially object to the way she was nicked.

    Or is this just how it is done these days?
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    A hand held unit within a moving vehicle???
  3. the only way the radar gun works is if it is pointed towards her. you cant record a speed whilst following as the radar sends out a beam and calculates it as it bounces off the object. (if you know what i mean).
  4. Are you sure he was a real copper?
  5. You poor misguided fool. This is simply a ruse to distract you from the truth. She's having an affair with your best mate!

    Suggest you bin her and publish all of your 'intimate' photos here in revenge for her infidelity.
  6. Ask to see the calibration certificate, usually gets a confused response :wink:
  7. Yeah-unless of course its in date and the user is trainer?

    The scenario doesn't add up and a solicitor is the way forward.
  8. Biscuits.... that's what she says. She drove past the car which was in a gateway pointing into the road and thought it was an odd place to park, and there was definitely no one pointing the gun out of the window then.

    Pagan ....I don't know mate, that is what appears to have happened. Maybe there are different technologies used in handhelds like there are on fixed cameras? Infra red etc?

    CQMS ... if he wasn't real, he's got a gun from somewhere, and a book of fixed penalty tickets. :)
  9. Correct in cautioning your missus. He should also have informed her of her PACE rights (not under arrest, free to seek legal advice, not obliged to remain). Also correct in showing her the radar/laser in order to clarify the speed and distance she was detected. Ticket for driving 8mph over the limit at that hour of the night though? Seems the art of discretion on your side of the water is well and truly gone.
  10. Caution yes, PACE no.
  11. Why would it? Calibration details normally are found on sticker on the side. Calibration logbook/certificate kept in the box.
  12. On this side of the water - For speeding offences, Caution and PACE rights both yes. Why different for you?
  13. Sorry mate , you misunderstand what I meant. I meant that she was given the caution, but no reference was made about legal advice. I wasn't doubting your advice that PACE was required to be quoted to her.

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'this side of the water' .... I'm in the UK.
  14. She should have been cautioned and an NIP served on her.

    The whole thing sounds dodgy!
  15. What's a NIP? All she got was the fixed penalty. Is that the same thing?