Arrses - bony or round- the choice is yours.

Round, preferably muscular and bouncy, for either male or female. Flat/bony a$$es should only be seen on little boys.

On men, rugby thighs that can crack walnuts in addition to the round butt is a big plus. :twisted:
BIG arrses please...ones that imply either too much gymkhana and pony club as a younger girl or having been the afternoon shift in a rear-entry only specialist brothel in Brixton.
i like a rounded bottom ...

sleeping with skinny arrsed girls is like f ucking a plumbers tool bag.

obviously when i say rounded i mean in a "perky" way ... not a "curvature of the earth" way ....
shortfuse said:
i like a rounded bottom ...

sleeping with skinny arrsed girls is like f ucking a plumbers tool bag.
The saying among my people is:

"Los huesos son pa' perros, la carne es pa' hombres. "

"Bones are for dogs...meat is for men." :D
All depends on the situation. Having all limbs attached is a plus, so is breathing :lol:
I tend to go with healthy looking lasses, not to skinny, not to fat. MUST have great legs I can kiss all the way heaven..... ops, time for a cold shower :oops:
Well that depends....

For rodgering from behind and for botty bonking, a rounded one is much better.

For rimming, I find a boney one is preferable. If the botty totty is riding on top, then boney is better as it allows for deeper penetration.

I hope this satifies your questions although I think I have given more than was required
Preferably with corresponding roundness on top, just to keep it all ballanced.

Women should have curves, not angles.
... actually there's nothing nicer than a nice pert, firm bum in jeans. There's a couple of guys with the nicest backsides and I could watch them walk and walk... and the BEST is when your kissing them you can put your hands right on the cheeks and give a gentle squeeze... before moving your hands round...

...blimey - I'm REALLY getting off on this.

Christ 8O
Round all the way. Can't stand skinny women (dont like fat women either mind you).
In the words of sir mixalot,

I like big butts and i cannot lie.

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