Arrses - bony or round- the choice is yours.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Clausewitz, Dec 13, 2005.

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  1. Interested to find out the general consensus - do the chaps (and gals) prefer a round or bony ass on a woman?
  2. Round, preferably muscular and bouncy, for either male or female. Flat/bony a$$es should only be seen on little boys.

    On men, rugby thighs that can crack walnuts in addition to the round butt is a big plus. :twisted:
  3. BIG arrses please...ones that imply either too much gymkhana and pony club as a younger girl or having been the afternoon shift in a rear-entry only specialist brothel in Brixton.
  4. i like a rounded bottom ...

    sleeping with skinny arrsed girls is like f ucking a plumbers tool bag.

    obviously when i say rounded i mean in a "perky" way ... not a "curvature of the earth" way ....
  5. Round ones are definately better - more cushion for the pushin'!!!
  6. The saying among my people is:

    "Los huesos son pa' perros, la carne es pa' hombres. "

    "Bones are for dogs...meat is for men." :D
  7. All depends on the situation. Having all limbs attached is a plus, so is breathing :lol:
    I tend to go with healthy looking lasses, not to skinny, not to fat. MUST have great legs I can kiss all the way heaven..... ops, time for a cold shower :oops:
  8. For the record I prefer a lovely round one - with a bit of give in it.
  9. Well that depends....

    For rodgering from behind and for botty bonking, a rounded one is much better.

    For rimming, I find a boney one is preferable. If the botty totty is riding on top, then boney is better as it allows for deeper penetration.

    I hope this satifies your questions although I think I have given more than was required
  10. To quote the song " I like big butts.."
  11. Bigdick - interesting point - I had not considered the rimming angle. Presumably the boney choice is to provide increased tongue access?
  12. Round!
    Preferably with corresponding roundness on top, just to keep it all ballanced.

    Women should have curves, not angles.
  13. ... actually there's nothing nicer than a nice pert, firm bum in jeans. There's a couple of guys with the nicest backsides and I could watch them walk and walk... and the BEST is when your kissing them you can put your hands right on the cheeks and give a gentle squeeze... before moving your hands round...

    ...blimey - I'm REALLY getting off on this.

    Christ 8O
  14. Me too shrew! There is nothing better than a great arrse. I'm a big fan of a rounded, peachy female arrse - and I also like them in jeans.
  15. Bony, but my wife refuses to exercise regularly, so I'm stuck with a pumpkin :(