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ARRSErs you would fuck, if they doped you first

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TheIronDuke, May 17, 2011.

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  1. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Cake Bird is protected. So watch it, yes?

    Snail. Snail is THAT CLOSE to tipping over the edge into Lesbian Fantasy Island, she just needs a little push, so a threesome while I watch could be on the cards.

    Big Bird. I am not buying that Stink Of Twiglets shite. I feel those unspeakable crevasses could do with a good toungueing. Nom Nom Nom.

    Jarrard. Yeah, a big man in heels will always melt my heart.

    Panzerknacker. An orfice I had never considered I admit. But now I do, PFWAAAR, eh?

    Bernoulli for certain. I reckon he's got a cock that you could do chin ups off.

    So, if you couldnt do me. And you cant. Don't touch what you cant afford. Who would you do?
  2. I reckon Hector Chavez V is a caring and attentive lover, and would tickle my prostate in ways no other could!
  3. To be fair I'm 'orrid, kisses turn to bites and licking turns to spitting....I will always buy you a decent scran though.
  4. Do an ARRSEr? How fucking sad do you think I am?

    Besides, friends are better than fucks and last a lot longer.
  5. I'm undecided whether to take that as a compliment or not.
  6. My number is 01745 85......:)
  7. There's only one Arrser I'd manage to pull, and that's Celticguy...

    oh wait...

    selfabuse it is then...
  8. Woo HOOOOOO come to Momma and bring the bungees!!!
  9. I'd like to hear how 5A would romance a young filly (fucking shut it or I'll cut deeper) but I fear his aubergine phallus would tear me apart like Genghis Khan's horses.

    Hector is far too tame for me and moody scares fuck out of me. Bravo_Bravo would say he was going to turn up but would find an excuse at the last minute.

    On careful reflection I'd say It's gotta be Ord Sgt. He'd be too drunk to get it up, would pass out and I could clear out his castle of its vast riches and do one in his private jet (or whatever he's claiming to fly this week)
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  10. Is that what you use to keep your leggings up?
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  11. wheres miner these days?

    fail in that, go gay for pay?
  12. I'm afraid I wouldn't fuck any ARRSEr. I value my cock too much.
  13. hello anyone into charity work, I'll accept a pitty shag

    fuck I won't even hold you to it I just like seeing my name on screen, why do you think theres 14 posts a minute from me
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  14. Who says it'd be you doing the fucking?

    I can hear wedge and Jarrod circling with their ball gags and bottles of chloroform clinking......
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  15. aye er,mutley249 has got a canny set of baps on him like.