Arrsers without avatars?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SidSausage, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Standing-by for "Use the * search!" posts, but I can't help wondering why some registered Arrsers use the default avatar.
  2. I would have said THEM but then you would know and it would breach my PERSEC. Which would make me a bit of a MONG. As it stands I have just made myself a target for LURKING JOURNO's which is annoying as I'm PARANOID ABOUT PERSEC.

    I feel like a right INTERWEB BIFF now.

    Thanks for feck all you cnut!
  3. Can't be fcuked finding/making one and then uploading it?
  4. B*ll*cks - should have thought of that one! :( :wink:
  5. What about 'Really rather partial to the default one?'
  6. Why :? :? :?

    The bush hat hasn't been cut-down, and isn't flipped-up at the back! :p
  7. Nice to see the Mongs winning something, at last....bless!!!
  8. Here's a big one for you mate;
  9. The default one is actually me (before the accident). My dad hated the way I looked when I was born, so he branded my face and stitched a hat onto my head. Last Rememberance Day I got mugged by an over zealous Sigs lance jack in Lime Street Station, and a Poppy got lodged in my face. Noduff.
  10. I tried to post an avatar of me, I really did..but the monitor exploded and the keyboard melted..had to buy a new time I tried, a trojan virus wiped my whole drive..not trying that again./..
  11. Errrr
    To idle I suppose
  12. Perhaps some people just don't Need an avatar.


    Avatars. Just say No.
  13. Tried a few times to resize a piccie but in the end being a total techno-mong won over :-(
  14. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Does it make a fcuking difference! Get a life.
  15. An avatar's an egotistic, self-seeking sort of thing. It's like the flashy motor, the Gucci kit, the most expensive trainers and the latest touch-phone. We think it makes us look cool. It's a mask to hide behind if our words are rather lacking.

    Or maybe it's something we want to share with others, to give them a laugh.

    I guess, from what I've seen of Second Life, there are some good examples of the former on there.