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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bugsy, May 21, 2007.

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  1. I need a bit of help, chaspesses and chasps. There’s a Kraut by the name of Guderian who’s got some very strange views about the UK which he’s decided to endorse on this website forum:

    It’s all in German, of course, but this was his last post:

    And this is a translation of it:

    Not only lower down the hacking order. When Margaret Thatcher arrived on the scene, England was almost bankrupt and could only pay its debts thanks to a loan from the World Bank. No garbage disposal, no funerals and violent miners’ strikes. The country had hit rock bottom. The state of the health system and the rail network still bear witness to that. It’s actually a good example of how capitalism doesn’t always make a country richer.

    But the beginning of the end started much earlier. The handcrafted Rolls-Royce steering wheels represent not only luxury car production, but also the time when England led the world technologically. WWI could only take place because the newly founded German empire had taken over from the British with regard to industrialisation and threatened to overtake them in shipbuilding. The loss of the colonies, which all became independent after WWII, and the oil crisis then put the final nails in the coffin.

    They’re certainly aware of their weakness, otherwise they wouldn’t support the Septics so steadfastly in their wars. Since their collapse, the English (in a sort of Chinese cultural revolution) have completely adopted the American way of life; from obesity right up to the misuse of credit cards. Even the blackouts in New York and London were only a few weeks apart. The Americanisation of British society is absolute, even to the stupid sloganed backdrops Bush and Blair stand in front of when they give their speeches.

    It’s not actually evidence of very much self-confidence when a country completely copies the lifestyle of another country. Of course, it could be that the Germans (who divide the individual verses of their national anthem into democratic and nationalistic) have a serious problem with their personal esteem, but the countries surrounding us are all rather more strongly psychotic than normal and balanced.

    I know loads of ARRSErs can speak and write German, and I was wondering if anybody could lend me a hand in blasting the arrogant Kraut fücker out of the water in typical ARRSE fashion. But don’t expect your posts to appear immediately. If you thought the Mods on ARRSE were bad, you should get a load of these prats. Sometimes you have to wait a full day before the posts appear and sometimes they don’t appear at all but you never find out why.

    Still, any help would be much appreciated. :D :D :D


    are there not enough weirdos that find ARRSE themselves without bringing cranky boxheads :D - hooped. mk
  2. Guderian ein was für langweiliges boxhead Sie sind

    would this be a start if you want to do it more yourself go to the click on bablefish translation you can either translate your own text or the entire webpage
  3. Problem is - he's got a point.

    Think of what the pondlife and the chavs have on their priority lists. We as loyal subjects of the crown with military experience of even the slightest degree are not representative of the masses.
  4. Two words:

    David Hasselhoff.
  5. I am far to lazy to translate what I wrote but here goes for those with a knowledge of the German language...

    Guderian, mir erscheint es als ob Sie eventuell einiges missverstehen. Grossbritanien folgt, glaube ich nicht, die Lebensweise der USA. Die Kultur, die in England, Schottland, Wales und natuerlich in Nord-Irland vorhanden ist gibt es dort nicht. Kreditkartenmissbrauch gibt es ueberall wo Kreditkarten zur Verfuegung stehen und auch die Aussage, das die Briten in 'ihren' Kriegen stehen ist eher lachhaft wenn man Ihren Onlinenamen mit der Vergangenheit der Deutschen Kultur in Verbindung stellt.

    Kann es vielleicht sein, dass Sie wirklich glauben, dass Deutschland viel besser dran ist? Man koennte argumentieren, dass durch die notwendige entstehung der BRD und der DDR diese Weltpolitische Situation erst erschaffen wurde!

    Die meisten Briten sind mit der Verwicklung ihrer Heimat in diesen Ausseinandersetzung viel weniger als zufrieden! Viele haben eine unheimliche Wut auf die Fuehrung beider Laender [USA & GB] aber eine Revolution wie vor einigen Jahren in Frankreich kann man wohl nicht verlangen.

    Vielmehr, denke ich, fliesst durch Ihre Tastatur eine anarchistische Ader die leider schon fast Hasserfuellt herueberkommt!!!

    Schade - ich dachte dass zumindest der deutsche Sinn fuer Humor aufgetaucht sei...
  6. me n bee, I've already written something on those lines as a reply, but it hasn't appeared yet. I was hoping for a bit of social and cultural ammo from people who know much more about the recent history and development of Brit society than me, since most of my information is second-hand from newspaper and magazine articles and reports and stuff anyway.

    But I'd really like to shoot the arrogant fücker down.

  7. In the face.
  8. Cant you just remind him that we beat them.
  9. And then 4-2.
  10. Personally, I'd just ignore the ramblings of a bitter and twisted strange fellow. It's no more than everything that is said in Parliament every day. Let the politicians decide what is bollo cks and what is not.

    If someone in germany wants to start a war, then I hardly think that their current chancellor is going to go along with it do you?

    Sticks and stones.etc. We are not entirely blameless in our own political structure (BNP et al) are we?

    Hate is hardly going to get the priministerial seal of approval. Or that of the people of Great Britain.

    Grow up.
  11. DAMN! Forgot to mention........Great Britain appears to have conquered the Polish slightly better than the Germans.....They all actually WANT to work here....:)
  12. Hi Bugsy, do you want to try this one out mate ?

    Guderian, sollen wir Sie auslachen oder bemitleiden ? Als reine Rhetorik, gerade noch akzeptabel, aber ansonsten nur polemik und schlecht recherchiert !

    Den amerikanischen Lebensstil komplett übernommen ? Laß mich mal kurz überlegen: Das letzte Mal wo in der UK war, gab es absolut keine Werbung auf deutsch. Weder auf Plakate, noch im Fernsehen ! Fettleibigkeit: Oh ja, da haben Sie vollkommen recht. Sowas gibt es natürlich in Deutschland nicht ! Kreditkartenmißbrauch: Ist in Deutschland noch NIE vorgekommen und wird wohl auch nie passieren. Das ich nicht lache. Den nächsten Punkt mit dem Stromausfall haben Sie wohl im Vollrausch geschrieben, oder kann es sein daß Sie tatsächlich einen Sinn für Humor haben ? Wohl eher nicht und noch einen zusätzlichen Beweis daß Sie an verbalen bzw. schriftlichen Durchfall leiden :roll:

    Ihrer Meinung nach gibt es wohl in Deutschland keine Probleme und es ist alles super. Leben Sie überhaupt in Deutschland ? Laß mal raten, ein kleines Dorf namens Utopia wo es keine Krankheiten gibt, keine Kriminalität, keine Arbeitslosigkeit und vor allen Dingen keine Politiker, die ohne Konsequenzen, gefallene Bundeswehrangehörige entehren dürfen. "Terroristische Aktivitäten" my arse !
  13. Now that's what I call a well-developed put-down, Certa_Cito. Thanks very much indeed for that.


  14. I think they have actually conquered us.
  15. My pleasure Bugsy. Stick it to the twät :twisted: