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Arrsers self taken photo collection.


War Hero

The river this afternoon.


Testing out my camera in my garden during the every increasing dull moments of working from home.
Tested out the 40-150mm kit lens and decided to try editing raw files. Impressed with results from not only the photos but how much better editing raw images to get the details and coloring to my liking.

I always shoot in RAW; I don't bother with JPEGs.

There's so much more information in the shadows and highlights. Stuff that would normally just be 'dark nothingness' you can bring out by using a brush or circular filter over it.

Similar for highlights too.

If you're using some kind of post processing software that does HDR, learn how to bracket your shots and combine in the software. It sounds complicated, but it's pretty simple and gives you a much bigger dynamic range.
I was aware of the concept of the Golden Ratio in Art and the fact that the ancient `Greeks used the technique in their architecture ... did you use specialist Software to achieve the three images in your Post ? ... if so doubtless not free .... or was it by eye .
I used Lightroom to do these, Adobe RAW has the same overlays and is free.
I used Lightroom to do these, Adobe RAW has the same overlays and is free.

Lightroom's my preferred image editing software; it's brilliant for the kind of stuff I do; race photography where I usually batch edit images.

It comes with photoshop which I rarely use, but I'm trying to make an effort to learn, but lightroom in itself is a powerful bit of kit.

The problem is that you can't buy the software outright and you have to do it on a monthly subscription which is about a tenner a month. That's fine for me, but if you don't use it much, there's probably cheaper options.
Affinity Photo is excellent and only £50 or so. Well worth it if you want something cheaper

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