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Arrsers self taken photo collection.


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I'm a tripod addict. I've got about five of them which I use for different stuff. A really heavy one I use for night running races and a lighter one I use for off-camera flash.

One I use for hiking/photographing ultra marathons (I tend to do a fair few miles on these) and a couple of small ones such as the Joby Gorrilapod for when I want to go really light.

The best way I find to carry a tripod around, when hiking, is not to attach it to a rucksack, but to attach a sling to it (using cable ties and some metal clips) and to carry it around like a back-slung rifle.
I tend only to use a tripod when doing night shoots and extended exposure to aid camera stability. I'm off to Lanzarote on NY Eve, although a few miles away from the main event in Puerto Del Carmen, I'll be catching the NY firework display using my 100-400mm and tripod, whilst sitting in a beachside bar, should be a good night.
I got a carbon fibre tripod and gimbal head for Xmas last year and not had chance to use them yet.
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That’s not a Drop Bear, this is a Drop Bear ...
Yes, well, notwithstanding the Sydney-based meeja and Penrith Panthers’ confidence displayed in Sunday morning’s rag, what with being the Cockeroach-team, up against the “johnny-come-lately” Mexicans, the Storm from Melbourne, in the NRL Grand Final last night, the home team came a valiant 26-20 second ... a pretty good effort after being 20-0 at half-time. Thus, a “study in red”, by iPad ... geddit? For the unknowing, NSW-based (ie Cockroach Country) teams still think they have a mortgage on Thugby League and do not appreciate being proven otherwise ...
Interesting day yesterday on the Isle of Wight. Bright sunshine, wind gusts, heavy rain squalls, hail, stowaways and the SBS. Plus a double rainbow over Arreton Down seen from my back garden.

2020 Arreton rainbow 1 Oct 25.jpg
So spent Saturday Evening at Duxford for a Battle of Britain themed night shoot, weather didn't play ball but managed a couple of OK images.

Duxford NS-1-6.jpg
Duxford NS Small-1.jpg
Duxford NS Small-1-2.jpg
Duxford NS Small-1-3.jpg
Duxford NS Small-2.jpg
Apologies to those who have seen this, which I posted on Rum Ration yesterday. However, they may be of interest to other Arrsers who like history.

In 1973, I was working in MOD in what was then part of DPR(N). There were a number of reference books available, and when the latest Janes Fighting Ships arrived a decision was taken to clear out several older versions. Before they were binned, someone asked if any staff wanted to take home any of these; I was fortunate enough to select a copy of the 1940 Janes - it had been of little practical use for many years.

The book was pretty battered even then, with the binding shot and many pages loose - although I don't think any are missing. The foreword includes an apology for the late publication of this edition "due to enemy action affecting the premises of the publishers and blockmakers", but this did allow some additional information to be included. The " war losses" section, for example, included the cruiser HMS Southampton, lost in January 1941. It also included photographs of damaged Italian warships after the successful Swordfish attack at Taranto in November 1940.

Also included in the "war losses" section was the German armoured ship "Admiral Graf Spee", scuttled off Montivedeo after the Battle of the River Plate.

The latter is perhaps of significance because of the existence of a carbon-copy of an original note attached to the section dealing with Royal Navy destroyers. With a reference of M.F. 06272/39, and with a pencilled heading of "Hunt Class Destroyers". it reads:

"I do not see any advantage in calling these ships fast escort vessels. They are in fact destroyers of medium size in every respect and their prime function is to destroy U boats. For the future they are to be called and classified 'destroyers'.

(sgd.) W.S.C.
12th December, 1939.

Churchill was still 1st Lord of the Admiralty at the time, and did not become Prime Minister until 1940. As 1st Lord, he must surely have been aware of the rendezvous on that day of the cruisers HMS Exeter, Ajax and Achilles prior to their engagement with the Graf Spee the following day.

I consider myself fortunate to possess the book.

2020 Janes 1 Oct 25 resized.jpg

2020 Janes 3 Oct 25 resized.jpg

2020 Janes 5 Oct 25 resized.jpg

Edited to get pix in order


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Taken today on a trip out to The Newt in Somerset. A day out for the girls, just lovely.


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Water returning to the rebuilt lock. It's being allowed to gently seep through the temporary dam wall as the dam is still required for vehicle access to the other side in order to finish off some work. The shadow is of the excavator sitting on the dam

Bit blustery on the Isle of Wight today. Went with Mrs W to have a look at the Back of the Wight ( the SW side of the diamond shape) which usually gets the prevailing wind. First two shots taken from the car park overlooking Blackgang Chine; the second has a closer view of Atherfield Ledge ( which has claimed many ships over the years).
Third shot shows Freshwater Bay and Tennyson Down. I was parked legally! (The poet lived at Farringford on the northern side of the down)
2020 Back of the Wight Oct 28 resized.jpg
2020 Atherfield Ledge Oct 28.jpg
2020 Freshwater Bay Oct 28.jpg

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