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Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Joshua Slocum

Book Reviewer
daughters new kitten
ever so slightly mental
Autumn colours.

DSC04384 +1.JPG

Rough seas on the Moray firth


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Morning All,
"Bring out your dead!"
Burning bodies at the ghats, Kathmandu
When I was contracted to that “Big Organisation” assisting/coordinating for the Nepali Pk Contingent deployments to Missions various, the route taken from the Airport to my Hotel was always via the bridge just to the left of that site, and to the left of which bridge are the “fresh” markets ... interesting, to be sure!
... in re ‘bovine roadblocks‘ mentioned way back about Post #61,476, last September, here’s one I encountered outside our onmove consolidation depot late 2004 near Bujumbura airport ... them pointy bits make a mess of the Organisation’s logo as they go past!


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