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Arrsers self taken photo collection.


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Views from Windy Gyle
Music room almost finished.

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Now struggling to find room for the several thousand 7 inch singles and CD's I've got to fit in there.
Late to the fore, I know ... but faaaar out, Man! Makes my 300-odd LPs look a bit paltry indeed ... currently sorting out my “Pit” so I can install the Pioneer QX-949 Quad system that’s been languishing in boxes in the garage for a coupla years ... no point rushing, hey!

.... strange the things you can find up that way ... I once found a single hill walking boot ... Lord knows what happened to the owner ... and I left , in a moment of extreme generosity *, two cans of McEwans Export on top of a small Cairn NE of Windy Gyle ... couple of months later they had gone ... and not even a " Thank You " note ... I never did it again .

* ETA .... the reason why is another story which I may post some day .
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A few from Cannock Chase German Cemetery on Sunday.

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The crew of Zeplin L34 were all killed during a bombin raid on Hartlepool in 1916. Two were buried at Seaton Carew before being reinterred elsewhere. Three were lost at sea about 800 yards off Hartlepool. The Captain of the airship was rhe uncle of Marlene Deitrich.


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@Kirkz my collection begins..
The shortening and lengthening of the struts was only adding or removing nitrogen from the oleos, it wasn’t a FAA development, but rather USN.
Speaking of reducing the length of oleos on airframes, I had occasion to insert M-8/17/24/35s various into An-124s to deploy contingents to deepest, darkest to enact some ‘peace’ during my travails a few years ago, and the most efficacious manner was to load the airframes 4rse-first via the forward aperture ... it often came as a revelation that the nose-wheel oleo could be “shortened” by a considerable amount to ensure clearance of the rotor-head. The usual method to guarantee no damage to either airframe was for one of the fitters’ hands to be placed on top of the rotor-head, thereby absorbing any lack of cleance as the helo passes beneath the nose-hinge. A regular omission in the Contingent’s fly-away kit was the appropriate magic to resize the oleos ...
Complete fluke, sun happened to fall in the right place...


Shooting trophy from late Uncle.
With all the extra time on my hands lately, I’ve been going through photos that I took of various aircraft that I’ve worked on over the years that were shoved into a box and forgotten about. The vast majority were taken with a cheap 35mm that l kept in my toolbox rather than a digital so the quality isn’t the best.

This particular 185 was on floats that l did an engine swap on, and l must say it was rather eye catching seeing as the model for the mermaid was the owners wife.


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