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Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Wor Lass had an ultra marathon cancelled by the council, due to covid; a small ultra, on-line registration, with a starting window to enable a staggered start and social distancing; more like a lonely fell race than the London marathon. Nothing indoors, all outdoors. Yet pubs are open. Makes no sense to me.

So she decided to run it today by herself. I was transport and halfway point aid station (refill her water bottles/give her a pasty).

It's 32 miles from Penarth to Ogmore-on-Sea following the South Wales coastal path; quite a pretty route, even if it does take you through Barry Island.

The end at Ogmore:

IMG_4030 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

Saw this at the 18 mile point. I can't remember the name of the place so can't google what it is:

IMG_4013 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

I do like the Crusader cooker; spot on for coffee and noodles (for me):

IMG_3996 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr
That big dome in the water is one of the outfall things for Aberthaw power station IIRC.
Very good bass fishing near there as the water is always a bit warmer than the surrounding area


Visited Silloth again today, I'm getting smaller the older I'm getting! :D
Bantam Bn reunion?


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It's a shame about the street lights and wires in the first photo. Not your fault but spoilt what I thought was an otherwise fantastic photo.
I agree. I was thinking the same thing when I was framing the shot. I didn't have that problem back in my youth, but then again I didn't have a decent camera either.
There's an election coming up in the Australian Capital Territory, 17 October in fact, not that I've got my absentee postal vote ballot paper yet. In all Australian elections, Federal, State or Territory we suffer what are called locally corflutes, or party political posters extolling one or other candidate, at the side of the road. My daughter has sent me some samples; it's good to see an outbreak of a sense of humour:



Not self-taken, but they would have been if I had been there.
Stroll round Crosby today......liked this one,mix of nature and industry. Marine Lake, with Royal Seaforth behind.
2020-09-29 018 (1).jpg
2020-09-29 003 (1).jpg
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Joshua Slocum

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spent a few hours with some generation z muppets and millenials !!!!!
rather than kill a few of them for their winging and general snowflakery, I decided to go out on the motorcycle and look at the world
2 tankfuls of fuel 3 cups of tea with two slices of lemon cake later, I felt much calmer and have resolved a plan ,
came back feeling a Zen like calmness all around me
IMG_20200929_185249 (2).jpg
I often walk along lakeshore. There is a section with a canal that connects Lake Ontario with The Port of Hamilton, for the large tankers. It is a slow, no wake zone. On Sunday the bridge went up but no big vessels or yachts to go through. After 5 minutes or so this Police boat hammered through with blue lights and siren going, and straight out into the lake.