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Arrsers self taken photo collection.

One of the guys who works for me is doing a socially-distanced club Iron Man this weekend (I think it was today) The one they were down for was cancelled so they are doing their own. Staggered starts with a safety boat on the swim, but for most of the rest of it they won't see anyone except the people manning the various stations. For me, that shows a particular strength of character and dedication. A whole Iron Man, on your tod. I am impressed!

Love the use of chopsticks in the field btw.
With a bit of thought and organisation events can be run, I and about 650 others took part in the Exmoor Swim this morning 3 different distances, staggered starts for all, usual safety cover on the water etc.

Apologies as I didn’t get any photos for this thread as swimming and cameras largely don’t mix well.

Junior member of staff checking on his stock.

Every year I think this oak is going to fall over, but it somehow keeps clinging on.


Seeing loss of smell and taste is supposed to be a symptom of this here Coronavirus, I've made up my own home test kit.

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Given the effect that Stella has on my guts I presume that one is a "next day" test rather than a sniff of the open bottle?


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As Granny Van would have told you “It’ll be a bugger to heat”
My grandfather would have said ‘Bloody hell the krauts dint ‘arf bomb that!’.
Repeat for Stonehenge and any other historic ruin.
Hudeshope Beck, Snaisgill, near Middleton-in-Teesdale last week. The beck was very placid, although in spate it can be impressive and can rise to cover the small bridge over culverts in the bottom left of the top pic. The background shows the many lead mine workings in the area. Where the beck turns right and upstream in mid-picture. a small rill joins from the left; this was in fact the watercourse of a "hush" when damned water was released to expose the lead ore. The second pic shows the junction in more detail.

In the 50s and early 60s I played here with my cousins, and we would spend a long time re-arranging the stones and boulders to dam the stream. The third pic shows the remains of one such dam - I doubt if it was one of ours. The beck also supports a smallish population of brown trout, one of which I caught in a "bandy" net in the early 80s and persuaded by elder son - now 44 - that he had actually caught it.

In May two years ago, I watched a blizzard descend the valley pictured and retired gratefully to our nearby car.

The fourth pic looks downstream towards Middleton and the beck's confluence with the River Tees.

Teesdale is a magical place.

2020 Snaisgill Huddeshope September.jpg
2020 Snaisgill hush Sept resized.jpg
2020 Snaisgill dams.jpg
2020 Snaisgill September.jpg

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