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Arrsers self taken photo collection.

It's an optical illusion, it's easily within reach. ;)

Wide angle lenses, like the one on your phone, give wide-angle-weirdness. Whatever's closest to them looks big and whatever's furthest away is pushed even further away.

Look at my cat's front legs (in real life they're normal sized):

IMG_3810 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

Women know this, it's why they often take selfies while they're looking up at the phone that they're holding above their heads; big eyes, big tits and the rest is slimmed down.

The camera lies.
One oak kitchen smashed into firewood with the table saw .


Tonight I will be mostly drinking these...

This morning on the local canal. Cygnets nicely lined up ready for a bit of flying training - just after I took this photo they went on the swan equivalent of a fast taxi. Lots of flapping of wings but they didn't actually get airborne and their undercarriage remained in contact with the water. Just as they finished the fast taxi, an avian fast jet - a Sparrowhawk- did a low pass as it homed in on a flock of Sparrows. That green stuff is duck weed - it's a bloody nuisance as it clogs the canal and dogs don't realise there's water underneath when they jump on it.

swans in line.png
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When I bimbled out for my walk this morning, in the dark and rain, this bloke was stretched across the road:



Fifty-odd minutes later and it had been moved to the side of the road and a couple of hours later it had gone, doubtless for food and perhaps a nice pair of Italian shoes. It appears to be a reticulated python, paced out at three metres.

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