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Arrsers self taken photo collection.

Not taken by self but by daughter .... we do a Family Calendar every year chosen from all our photographs from the previous year ... this July taken when she visited Blenheim Palace ... impressive ... well I think so ...

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Just a tad cloudy tonight










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St George's Church, Arreton, Isle of Wight.

Beautiful old church, partly Norman but also containing a section of Saxon wall.

Interesting memorial in the churchyard to William Reed of Arreton. The stone appears fairly modern and less worn than the majority of other gravestones and memorials, so I'll have to carry out a bit of research.

The historical connection reminded me of my school history master* , who told us that when he was quite young he had met an old man whose father had fought at Waterloo. It sounded improbable to us schoolboys, but it was actually quite possible if the Waterloo veteran had sired a lad in his later life.

* Some might remember RS when he was senior lecturer in political and social studies, RMAS Sandhurst. Also an author and did a bit of exploring with Blashers. And was a contestant on Mastermind!

2020 St George's Arreton July 2.jpg
2020 Reed memorial July 2.jpg


Brew view


Melincwrt Waterfalls









Lovely images
Ta, most of the skyward shots did not come out............ rather a lot of water flying around the place :)

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