Arrsers self taken photo collection.


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Allium . Same family as onions and chives, but now grown as an ornamental border flower. I have purple ones and white ones ...
They're called Trail Cameras.

Trail cameras

Bloody useful as well, not just for capturing animal shots. Our canal society had some set up around the lock restoration site after visits by pikeys members of a certain transient community. They had spotted a one of the cameras but not the other two that captured them trying to tow away a high volume water pump with a quad bike. The camera caught their faces and the reg no of the quad - plod were pleased as they had been after this gang for a while.
I have a trail camera overlooking the front of my house. Just having to bugger about a bit to get it set up so the movement sensors go off.


Permission to use this picture as my desktop background?

Roadside flowers at a cottage in the hamlet of Bowcombe, near Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight today.

(In typical English style, Bowcombe is pronounced "Buckem". Given that another island village - Luccombe - is pronounced "Luckem", I have for some time pondered on a suitable limerick. Without success so far)

2020 Bowcombe cottage flowers cropped resized.jpg
Just on our lockdown bimble. I think I’ve found the secret lab, on the Wiltshire/Hampshire border ( and I don’t mean Porton!). :grin:


Drink anyone?

Thanks Farm Foods. :mrgreen:


A month ago yeah definitely but for health reasons I have switched to Pepsi Max after being a Coke addict for some 35 years.
Must be a bugger on your sinuses snorting Pepsi Max :)


Leftovers from the last few weeks












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