Arrsers self taken photo collection.

This self-isolation is hell.

A sure sign of Spring apparently (I googled!), as they are one of the earliest to emerge. A nice looking orange tip butterfly in the garden today, enjoying the sun.
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Lovely wee granddaughter feeding the deer at a deer park (Last year, so no social distancing then)
There's a special attachment between children and animals.
Not always. Pre-independace, the Uganda game department ran a small zoo in Entebbe. One enclosure had a couple of elephant calves. One evening, my brother put his arm through the fence to feed one (Twit!) The young jumbo promptly grabbed it with his trunk and started to pull him through the fence. My parents grabbed the idiot and a tug of war began. Unfortunately they won.


Buzz off
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I was at the mouth of the Severn this afternoon; it was muddy as flip; Wor Little Un is a lightweight and turned back leaving me on me jack jones.

I slipped into the mud; it was all over me, all over my camera. And then some fella shouted "It's slippy!" As I got closer to him and his child, they were both covered in mud too. ;D

But like we have some really high tides, we also get some really low tides; it's not usually like this at low tide.

IMG_5547-Pano by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

I reckon this boat mooring must be old; a remnant of the salmon fishing that used to go on here. I suspect it's not more corroded because it spends most of it's life in the mud and closed off from oxygen.

IMG_5563 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

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