Arrsers self taken photo collection.


Come in No 64, your time is up

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I want to string the male one up now the rapey fecker. We rescued another 3 from local school projects and he just spends the day harassing them...
No plans to extend the flock then?


It’s to catch more blood off the altar, innit?
Mind you, if @endure lives in south Hampshire and is waiting for a virgin to sacrifice, he could be better off joining the queue at Sainsbury’s for bog roll.

Excuse me! I'll have you know that I'm no southern Jessie!
No plans to extend the flock then?
Contacted the rescue about swapping out the drake for 2 ducks to take us to 8. But it's non essential work apparently...
Have an incubator but wouldn't want to have to start shredding male chicks like some Chinese slaughter shop.
The Indian runner drakes ok as he's so small the ducks tell him to jog on.


Not implying you were. Me neither, I have been based here for a while ‘harvesting’.
That sounds quite lewd. Almost as lewd as 'moist'...


Another boat
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Daddy’s little princess.
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Ah daughters ….. trained in secret by their mothers in the art of putting their head to one side , smiling and raising the pitch of their voice slightly and starting a one way conversation “ Daaaaad ….. “ and you know you cannot resist their always reasonable and logical requests that follow Hi Hi . Bless them .

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