Arrsers self taken photo collection.


LE She has been properly trained by a puppy master po! She nicks one sock at a time, she gets something out of me every time she stares at me, she makes me fight her for everything she gets hold of, she usually wins, but.......she gives kisses on command by touching noses, she sits when she is told, she stays when I tell her too and she tries to shove me out of bed. Utterly wonderful wee pal.
Kin hell and thought there was only [ex]steely eyed killers on ARRSE
You big softy:)


Today's plants
_DSC3639os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3640os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3641os1 (Custom).jpg

Fungi :)
_DSC3647os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3666os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3667os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3668os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3669os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3671os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3672os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3674os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3675os1 (Custom).jpg




Should I start a Stilly helps photography thread
Can't see that upsetting anyone..... mind you, I'm happy if the focus is vaguely in the same post code as the subject matter :)
Yep, all ears..... blind as a bat, but the ears work*

* Unless it's her indoors, then I'm stone deaf :)
@Daz A few pointers on composition, especially with macro.

1. Less is more, simple compositions with clean backgrounds work best with macro.
2. use the rule of thirds as a guide, imagine the screen as a noughts and crosses grid and place the subject on one of the intersections, if a portrait the leading eye should go on the intersection.
3. In the West an image should generally be read from left to right, try and avoid plonking the subject dead centre.
Nearly stood on this little fella on our daily walk today. A lovely, healthy looking slow worm. Excitement never ends on lockdown! :smile: