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Arrsers self taken photo collection.


A couple from our walk around the farm today. The track in the second picture is part of a system of earthworks in the Stonehenge WHS which predate Stonehenge.
Same as last subject, but from a different angle - again, modified slightly this time, for artistic impression from three raw images.


  • Lighthouse montrose from three raw.jpg
    Lighthouse montrose from three raw.jpg
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You can download the manual if you don't have it. I know it takes the DX format lenses, but what kind of lenses do you use with an adapter. KF Adapters run at around 20-25.
tamron adaptall's in the main, with the (very) odd M42 lens chucked in - the tamron adaptall system is/was designed to work across platforms, which is kind of handy ;)


Even the beach donkey's are in lockdown
_DSC3632os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3635os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3677os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3681os1 (Custom).jpg


The horses are no better off
_DSC3684os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3686os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3687os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3689os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3691os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3692os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3693os1 (Custom).jpg

_DSC3695os1 (Custom).jpg


Isolation bench :)

_DSC3646os1 (Custom).jpg
I suspect, he's the master of the house :) She has been properly trained by a puppy master po! She nicks one sock at a time, she gets something out of me every time she stares at me, she makes me fight her for everything she gets hold of, she usually wins, but.......she gives kisses on command by touching noses, she sits when she is told, she stays when I tell her too and she tries to shove me out of bed. Utterly wonderful wee pal.

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