Arrsers self taken photo collection.


St James' Church, Chipping Campden
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Out and about on essential duty - last day of my Meds, so needs must! I tried to collect on Tuesday, but after a 3 hour wait, I was informed to come back today. The chemist doesn’t open until 2, but I’ve got my admin squared away today! Thank God it isn’t raining! :grin:
Strange , its the end of March yet it’s , well for us freezing. Still need the wood fire on at night, bit of a bugger as we cannot buy any new wood due to the lock down.

Today it has been just about as cold as the middle of winter.

Take a look.


Snow on the hills in March? WTF.
Escaped from the house for some fresh air and a short walk today. The former Isle of Wight railway station at Merstone was closed in 1956, but the old line is now a cycleway, bridleway and footpath. A charity called Gift to N
2020 Merstone 1 Mar 26 resized.jpg
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ature has done a lot of work planting fruit trees at the old station site - and passers-by are encouraged to pick the fruit. They have also planted wild flowers on the old platform, including primroses and cowslips. A year or so ago the charity constructed the platform shelter, which is used as an information centre and has so far avoided being vandalised.


Is she singing "Always look on the bright side of life"?
Looks more like she's in the process of setting to signal the heli' to hover.

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