Arrsers self taken photo collection.

next door is on extension no3 they are rebuilding Grenfell towers next to my fence
the scaffolders arrived and were making a noise
I decided to feck off with the dog up along the Cotswold Way
3 hours later the heavens opened big time and we both got soaked
so I sat in the batmobile with dog, heater on rubbing her with a towel and then watching the scaffolders via my cctv mobile phone link
they were saying **** a lot and moaning that they should have started the day before
( they could have if the twat doing the work had bothered to contact us and make arrangements !!)
I waited until they finished and packed up before returning for a bacon sarnie

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I could make very good use of that dressed stone.


Is that the waterfall by the carpark on the A470 that all the bikers use, the one with the burger van in it?
No, its the little layby on the bend heading down towards Brecon

View off Google maps heading back up the hill


Cold, damp start to the day






Sarum Lights at Salisbury Cathedral last night. Stunning.


Lyme Regis yesterday...

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It's all Spate rivers here, up and down faster than a 10DM whores knickers.

There's still a lot of run off from the mountains though, the rivers are back down to normal levels though. I think that if we have another sustained bout of heavy rain fall though it'll go Pete Tong very rapidly.
I did the photography for the Slate Trail Ultra - 92 miles non-stop - in Snowdonia. Tough for them due to high winds and lashing rain all through the first night (they start Fri Eve and finish sometime on Sunday).

Loads and loads of DNFs; two within the first hour of setting off. Lots of getting lost. Hours of trudging through ankle-to-shin deep floodwater.

Two squaddies did it as well; both SNCOs; one Rifles and the other REME. The REME beat the the Rifles guy by hours.

They pay to do this you know?

IMG_8342 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

IMG_8386 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

IMG_4375 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

IMG_4393 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr

This is a polish lass; I know her from quite a few other events. She didn't finish this one though and pulled out at around 70 miles because she was ill.

IMG_8441 by Whey-Aye-One, on Flickr
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