Arrsers self taken photo collection.

A trip to the Cairngorms , Glennshee to be precise

and when the snow gates are closed it means its unsafe ....
The bathroom in my hotel in Singapore, taken last week. This is real.
Rotary engines died out very rapidly after WW1, with the development of the Radial engine.
This is the difference, a rotary engine has the propeller fixed to the crank cases. It sounds weird, but the crank and conrods don’t move, the propeller and cases “Rotate”
around the crank.
A radial engine works opposite, the propeller is attached to the crank and the cases keep still.
I hope that helps.
Ah ha thought so was forgetting the difference between rotary and radial, explains my confusion.


On camera flash is a definite no no, unless bounced.

Polarising filters can be handy when photographing through glass or water. But you are best off trying to use the lighting provided by the people who set up the aquarium.
Unless you have shed loads of equipment and know what you are doing.

Fast lenses and a high ISO setting are your friends.

Edit to add. The reason being is that aquariums are usually quite dimly lit, as bright lights tend to piss off the fish and it is unhealthy for them.

I have no idea if they don't like a high powered strobe light fired at them though.
Another tip is to try to get the front element of the lens as close as possible to the glass side of the aquarium, better still, if possible, actually touching the glass. Cuts out unwanted reflections. Downside is you're relying on the light within the tank, there is not always very much of it so high iso and fast lens too would help.

Hotel 81?
possibly, it was a number of sorts. Cant actually remember, but cheap enough. Entertaining too in many ways, plinky plonky piano music at breakfast- I thought that everything was going to go black and white.
Don't they mostly squat for a dump in Singapore, so there'd be less of an issue with yer knees banging off the tiles? But what's the hose for, is it also a shower?
Yeah, it was a broomcupboard wet room. After doing my morning dump I caught the shower lever as I made for the door and got soaked!
Taking photos in an Aquarium must be one of the hardest thing to do in photography
I suppose you must use filters
Taken on a Panasonic Lumix (manual setting). 1/50s @ f4.2 ISO 800
The bottom image is untouched, the top one has been cropped and levels adjusted.

P1030552 low.jpg

Most decent smart phones have manual settings, so have a play around. As has been said, turn off the flash and get as close to the glass as posible. Also shoot straight through the glass. not at an angle as the average zoo aquariun glass is many mm's thick which will distort the image and make the auto focus do funny things.
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