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Police Vehicles are MOT exempt as they have a rolling maintenance schedule, and regular inspections, both by the officers taking the car out and returning it, and by the force technicians
they used to be issued with tax discs simply to prevent brain dead idiots kicking off
quite a few motor vehicles are MOT and Tax Exempt
H.M. The Queen for instance does not have to display a registration plate on her car
she also will not show up as having insurance on it, however the Royal Family guarantee a bond that is enough to cover them in the event of any claim, many large corporations enjoy the same privilege

you are not the first
here some legal idiot, rather than asking a copper went all high handed
Dear Department for Transport,

It has come to my attention, that a white vauxhall astra police car registration number KS64 NHD has not been MOT'd and is being used on the public highway by police staff.

The law is for everyone, so why is west mercia police breaking the legislation regarding cars needing MOT's and are they accountable for driving a vehicle without a MOT in place please ?

As the car in question is not MOT'd this would invalidate the car insurance and is a criminal offence, and the registered owner should be made accountable for no MOT just like any man/woman in there private capacity".

Evidence of the car being used on the public highway is available on request.

Kind regards,

peter danby & associates

Information Access Team T 0115 9366771
The Axis Building
112 Upper Parliament Street [1]

Peter Danby
by email: [2][FOI #501192 email]

our ref: IA/01982/18

3 August 2018

Dear Mr Danby

Thank you for your email of 24 July requesting information on why Vauxhall
Astra police car, registration number KS64 NHD does not appear to have an

I can confirm that Regulation 6 (1) (xiv) The Motor Vehicles (Tests)
Regulations 1981 as amended allows for an exemption from MOT for police
vehicles as follows;
(xiv) a vehicle provided for police purposes and maintained in workshops
approved by the Secretary of State as suitable for such maintenance, being
a vehicle provided in England and Wales by a police authority or the
Receiver for the Metropolitan Police District, or, in Scotland, by a
police authority or a joint police committee. Further details of this
exemption can be found [3]here
Further DVLA MOT exemptions can be found on [4]here
Yours sincerely

Tony Booth
Public Liaison Team

Visible links
1. Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency
2. mailto:[FOI #501192 email]

This is just part of the drivers requirements

Drivers/Operator Checks (FOIA – Open)
4.5.1 Drivers are legally responsible for ensuring the roadworthiness and safety of their vehicle and should be familiar with the requirements of the Highway Code. All police vehicles are to be checked for road-worthiness at the start of each of duty. Pool and hire vehicles are to be checked prior to use. The following items are to be checked:
 All lights are operating correctly.
 Horn operating correctly.
 Wiper blades for serviceability and correct operation
 Tyres for correct pressure and any signs of significant wear or damage across the whole tyre width. Tyre pressures can be found on the wheel arch of marked cars, in the user handbook found in the glove compartment, the ‘B’ pillar or the fuel filler cap. Tyres are to be changed at 3mm tread depth.
 Oils and lubricant levels are correct including: engine oil, brake fluid, screen washer fluid and fuel. Drivers should visually check the vehicle for any signs of oil leaks.
 Bodywork and windscreen for any signs of damage.
 Mileage entry in the log book tallies with the odometer.
 Compare with mileage on 'next due service' sticker.
 Brakes and steering; any perceived defect must be reported immediately.
4.5.2 Responsible officers will ensure that an accessible stock of oil of the correct grade, windscreen wash and de-icer exists. Please seek advice from Transport Services Department.
Did this used to be covered by Crown Vehicles?


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I shouldn’t complain about that as I’ve been gainfully paid by the railway for the last thirty years
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