Arrsers self taken photo collection.

You know what's coming next, don't you?

Pictures or...
You've seen the picture. Now of course there will be the usual Kathoey comments.


I’ve seen some strange things in my time but this is just odd;

They have them in Bruge. My daughter used to delight in visiting the lavvie and watching them do that. This was 17 years ago!!


Megget Reservoir on a lovely sunny Scottish day**

Megget valley- Megget Reservoir (1) (Custom).jpg

Megget valley- Megget Reservoir (3) (Custom).jpg

Megget valley- Megget Reservoir (7) (Custom).jpg

** Not to be confused with a normal sunny day


Miss O_B has to pick her next school. Went to one today and while being shown around saw this nice mural on the schools main assembly room.

Well , who is the dusky blue chap center stage.? Trackpen , not for you to reply. :) And can you name the others beside him?

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